.22 as a Survival Weapon

Uploaded on Sep 2, 2009
If I could only carry one weapon out in the bush what would it be? I know that some of you will have differing opinions.. That’s ok.. Whatever works for you! But this is my opinion…

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  1. Wolf's Airsoft

    As much as I love my .22lr bolt action and would happily carry it in the
    bush (bearing in mind that here in New Zealand we don’t have to worry about
    bears, mountain lions nor any other predator that doesn’t wear clothes) but
    sadly, our benighted law won’t allow it – apparently we can be trusted
    enough to get a firearms licence and trusted enough to get a hunting permit
    for a particular reason but we can’t be trusted to take a .22lr into the
    bush for fear we’ll go mad and start trying to take down elk at 600 metres
    with it.

    That “brilliant” law was brought to us by the same “delightful” government
    department that decided that the best way to deal with small pests in the
    bush is to scatter 1080 poison all over the areas my kids and I like to
    camp in.

    So the only thing I can take into the bush (as shotguns are also banned) is
    my .243 which is a lot more expensive to “feed” (as in I could get a bulk
    pack of 525 .22lr for about the price of a box of 20 .243), providing it’s
    safe enough to venture out into the 1080-contaminated wilds…

  2. James Hayes

    You’re video was nicely done. I haven’t owned a .22 for years although they
    are fun to shoot I’ve never considered them as more then a beginners gun.
    I’ve had bear & mountain lion encounter’s. I’ve killed 4 bears & scared
    away 1 lion by barking like a dog. In no way would I want to be miles from
    the nearest road w/only a .22 for survival / defense. They are great for
    small game but survival is more then that. Protection from predators, both
    2&4 legged is very real & I don’t see a .22 meeting that challenge. I’ve
    shot the heads off of Grouse & Rabbits @ 100yds w/a .308 on a # of
    occasions & ate them after the fact. My backpack weighs around 50lbs. add a
    4″ barrel .357 + ammo & .308 + ammo & I’m pushing 85lbs. But as the boy
    scout motto goes: Always Be Prepared!!! For anything in my opinion. If you
    can’t handle that much weight, then stay home. Unless you want to use
    search & rescue to save or retrieve your body from the wilderness because
    you were ill prepared. Just my 50 cents worth. No offense meant, each to
    his own. Keep in mind my adventures start from road to trail, then map &
    compass to the real wilderness, in those places you are truly on you’re own
    & all alone.

  3. kungfushiver

    You said it too many times for me to let it go, it’s a magazine not a clip.
    A clip is for the old m11s and others
    Otherwise good vid
    Just a peeve I have no offence meant

  4. Fredward Jones

    If I had to survive out in the woods I would bring my mosin nagant for

  5. ZZstaff

    Moose and brown bear, may be boars, have been taken with a .22 Long Rifle?
    I don’t think so. On the other hand, a .22 can kill jut about everything
    else, if you are close enough and know where to shoot. A .17 [20+ gr.] WSM
    might be better.

  6. George N

    Invest in a bore snake my friend and save yourself time and weight when

  7. Jev Adiah

    The bullet weighs, and costs (if you can find it these days) very little.
    Combine this with the fact that it is a perfect 1-2 meal game size round,
    and that you can easily stop a “human predator” with it, it’s quite
    possibly the perfect round. Shotguns leave a mess of lead, and once you
    bite down on a pellet, you will know what I mean. Larger calibers will
    certainly do the job, but are “overkill” unless you are going for larger
    prey, and in a survival situation, preserving meat, is not always

  8. saltyseascott

    I don’t think this guy knows much. Lets see him fend off a griz charging
    at him with .22. I think a 22 cal is good for small game, but I know it
    takes a .44 mag to drop a griz. with any kind of safety.

  9. MOAArtstore

    I’m a 4-H Shooting Sports adviser and we use the same model rifles for our
    members. We usually put 200rd through each rifle every weekend from May to
    August. The rifles have been in service 5-6 yrs. We had to send two back
    to Savage, the firing pin recess wasn’t in the correct position. We have
    had to mess around with the extractors and the tension/retaining spring
    clip on just about all of them. Mags have also been problematic. Have you
    had any issues with yours?

    We have been looking into trading them in towards Rugers “American Rifle”
    or 10/22’s.

  10. orlos The Druid

    You know….I want to issue a challenge to all the Survivalists here on YOU
    TUBE, find me ANY WEAPON, that can do more, or be more effective in any
    situation than a good shotgun.

    From the cost to buy…..
    The cost to own…..
    The cost to shoot….
    The effectiveness of the rounds available….
    The weight of the weapon…
    The ease of care….


    Are you up to the challenge…

  11. kungfushiver

    You said it too many times for me to let it go, it’s a magazine not a clip.
    A clip is for the old m11s and others
    Otherwise good vid
    Just a peeve I have no offence meant

  12. ironworker350

    I’m sorry but it was killing me. Its called a magazine not a clip.
    Bullets come on a clip. A magazine goes into the gun. 

  13. rainforestlive

    I understand your logic on the bolt action vs the semi-auto, but the
    reality is that 10/22 is a tank and I have had 3 for 30 years and have
    never had one break with 10’s of thousands of rounds through them, and with
    the increased fire power there is really no comparison. Following your
    logic you would go with a 22 revolver over the semi-auto pistol. I went
    with the 10/22 stainless synthetic and a smith and wesson model 17 .22. And
    with my 25 round mags with the 10/22 I think its just a better setup. just
    my 2 cents 


    While I agree a .22 is a great option but I think an AR carried along with
    a .22 bolt is the best all around platform to carry for “survival”. It
    gives you the best of both worlds. Plenty of fire power for self defense
    along with ammo capacity with the .22. Carry a standard infantry ammo load
    out along with a .22 bolt 500 rounds and a couple .22 mags.

  15. Ryan Vancour

    My dad used to poach elk with a .22 mag back in Oregon. A shot straight
    through the ear will take one down like nothing.

  16. neil rich

    The word I heard was you need to fire a gun at least 3000 rounds to get
    good at it and the cost of 22 ammo makes it more likely you will practice a
    lot. One accurate shot at 200 yards is still very dangerous with the right
    ammo. Also low noise is an advantage if your hunting for food.

  17. mike spencer

    Thanks for the video. Permit me to add a slightly different slant: I have
    been shooting / hunting / competing for 60 of my 73 years. Your No. 1
    “doomsday” weapon should be a stout .22 magnum revolver with a descent
    barrel and an interchangeable .22 lr cylinder (for inexpensive practice)
    and the best scope you can afford. Without the scope, good for carry,
    backpack, bush, boat, rv, etc. With the scope you should be able to
    comfortably command a 100 yard radius. 

  18. Cybor Bot

    I carry a .357 its my survival tool for small game using 38 shorts perfect
    round snakes CCI shot shells the rest hollow point less weight is best if
    its a long hiking trip I don’t really want a large carry load my pack is at
    25lbs for a 4 to 5 day trip if you use it once or not at all do you need
    the weight its not about how macho you are its how far your gonna travel
    and how fast. hitting a bear in the foot would really piss him off now try
    a moving target that wants to kill you a .22 is a good gun but a .357 will
    save your life. 

  19. Bruce Prosser

    I saw the boys over at the Moss Pawn shop channel field testing the 22 LR
    using the half inch board test and they got pass throughs at over 400
    yards. The old mil spec was that if a bullet passed through a clear half
    inch pine board that it could kill a man. The “lowly 22” is a deadly weapon
    in the right hands.

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