3 Day Survival – SHTF – Bug Out Bag Review

Published on Aug 22, 2013 by BugOutBeck
This is my first Bug out Bag review. I realized I left out some details in my pocket pouch, I also have a small amount of toilet paper, duct tape, and aluminum foil in the bag. More videos and reviews to come soon!

P.S. I’m all about sharing knowledge! If you have any suggestions or ideas for what I should add to my BoB let me know!

This channel is designated to basic survival tips, product reviews, and randomness. Bug out Beck currently consists of a 26 year old urban survivalist with basic training skills as well as skills learned over time, his fiance–daughter of a retired Army Major, and a group of like minded, like experienced survivors.
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  1. Bugout Beck

    @kaci kazz, I think I’m going to do a stealth bug out back review soon as
    you are not the 1st person to mention the noise. Keep in mind, this is
    designed as a “get home” or survival bag, the set up right now is for me if
    I were wandering somewhere or had to set up camp. Obviously if I’m in a
    threat of sorts where I have to be stealthy, I will make necessary
    adjustments. But I appreciate the feedback!

  2. Qcprepper

    I would suggest adding super glue to your IFAK it closes up wound faster
    then aything on the market !! and correct me if I’m wrong but I didnt see
    any kind of tarp for a shelter , and maybe some sort of wind jacket in
    case of cold weather , other then that great video thanks

  3. Gary Dominic

    great setup. You should add a headlight. I didn’t see you one in your bag
    or did I miss it

  4. Te Kaani Luke

    Nice video. you should also pack condoms, cigarettes, and weed (for
    personal use or barter) Love that you have playing cards. Very good bug-out

  5. JohnGWWE11

    You should do more than hope that 23 rds will be good enough . I have over
    600 in just my BOB not counting the cans I will bring of ammo.

  6. josiescousin

    Your gear on the outside makes wayyy to much noise. Tape it up or find some
    way to silence it. Thatd be my main advice, otherwise good job.

  7. bugoutbeck

    I appreciate the concern. Keep in mind a BoB is usually a 3-day survival
    bag, and a true survivor shouldn’t have a Call of Duty style shoot out. The
    last thing I want to do is get in a gun fight, but if I do, I will be a
    smart marksman. Think of it this way, you want to survive, not cross your
    fingers and blindfire.

  8. bugoutbeck

    I appreciate the feedback, always looking to share ideas! I have a 2ltr
    hydration bladder and the 1ltr canteen, as well as a mini-water bladder.
    There’s not much more water I can add to this bag without lugging around
    more water bottles which is unnecessary weight.

  9. kaci kazz

    lol if I was u change the water canteen it makes to much noise and u don’t
    want to let every one know your in the area

  10. bugoutbeck

    Thanks for the input! I completely agree that this would not be a STEALTH
    BoB, however that is not the purpose of this survival bag. Of course if I
    were evading zombies or terrorists I would make necessary adjustments so as
    not to be too loud.

  11. Jaybird196

    You’re welcome, heh. Alternate name (although, probably not quite as
    funny-sounding): “possibles pail” 😉 .

  12. bugoutbeck

    Thanks for the feedback! I have actually considered adding barter items to
    my pack. I considered cigarettes, hoping they would stay fresh enough as I
    would not be roatting them since I don’t smoke. Marijuana I will wait until
    it becomes legal, call me old fashioned but I won’t carry around illegal
    items unless there is no more law. Condoms make sense, I hadn’t thought of
    that so thank you! And thanks again for all your feedback, I love getting
    tips and advice and sharing thoughts!

  13. bugoutbeck

    And I understand where you’re coming from about us having the same caliber.
    There is a good reason why I dont: A firearm should be an extension of
    yourself. Not to sound all “zen” but you should be 1 with your firearm. I
    am most comfortable with a 45 where my wife is most comfortable with a 9mm.
    I carry 8 rounds in my pistol, 7 rounds in the 2nd mag, and 8 rounds in my
    BoB, not including the 9’s. I shouldn’t EVER need more than 23rnds for a
    3-day survival bag, at least I sure hope not! 🙂

  14. Prepper Boys

    like what i could add . if you want to see are vid type in prepper boys and
    leave a comment on what to add!

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