3 Worst Self-Defense Moves

Published on Apr 5, 2014 by Nick Drossos
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The 3 worst self-defense moves, you should avoid in a fight. Let me explain!

1) High kicks: In a fight, you really want to avoid throwing high kicks. It’s too risky for your opponent to grab your leg and take you down. Also, the surface can be slippery and make you lose balance while kicking high. Kicks are effective, but they need to be directed below the knee for maximum efficiency and reduce the risk of falling to the ground. Falling on the ground during an altercation can really put you in disadvantageous position.

2) Takedowns: Trying to wrestle your opponent to the ground in a street fight is a dangerous move. You certainly want to avoid being on the ground in a real street fight. You never know if your attacker has friends that are close by and ready to stomp you.

3) Submissions: During an attack, you will be under high adrenaline; your gross motor skills will kick in and you won’t have the mindset of retaliating with your fine motor skills. Trying to do an armbar or another type of joint lock, will simply not work against an enraged opponent on drugs. To make it short, we wouldn’t bank on trying to pull off a fancy submission lock during a life threatening situation. Instead, you want to finish the threat with solid strikes and escape as quickly as you can.

4) Punching: It can be dangerous to punch in a street fight — you can break your knuckles or other bones of your hand… and it would make you a one hand fighter! It’s preferable to hit with an open hand (palm strike) instead of punching; It gives you more options to follow through with your strikes. You can for example follow up with an eye gouge. Still sceptic? Here’s a fact: Mike Tyson already broke his knuckles in a street fight! This pretty much means, that anybody else can too…unfortunately! It’s up to you to decide if punching is made for you or not, but we definitely prefer an open hand strike.

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