5 Ideal Guns for Survival Situations

Published on Sep 15, 2012
Nowhere near a comprehensive list, but these are all under $300 and would serve perfectly if you had to defend yourself and fend for food in the middle of nowhere.

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  1. Anthony Hills

    I dont understand americans need to have a gun to protect themselves, If a
    criminal wants to shoot you, he will have his gun out and shoot you before
    you can get yours out, I guess the false sense of security that they think
    they have, makes them think they are now safer because they are carrying.
    American logic is pretty hilarious to the rest of the world.

  2. carpfishingism

    Firearms should be made legal everywhere living here in the uk the only
    people that have firearms a criminals and we have zero change of self
    defense even if we did hurt a criminal we probably get arrested or sued

  3. ReadTheTin

    who says u need a gun to survive? I’m pretty sure food would be more
    helpful haha

  4. Perry2186

    crossbow and a hand ax I know its not a guns but it is a very good weapon
    for surviving

  5. lddtyrone

    How a about doing top guns for killing game in very quite and unoticeable
    way … Without the need of a suppresor

  6. Upular Gamer

    i would recommend a tactical style machete with either matches or a medical
    sewing kit in the handle.

  7. woods runner

    hi guys i saw a model 60 speed loaded with a aluminum arrow loaded with
    22’s. just remove load rod, tip aluminum tube full of 22’s into magazine
    replace rod, ready to rock. just thought i’d share. love the vids,you guys

  8. John hedlenssonn

    What state has the best selection/variety of guns. As a civilian i’d like
    to know how to use , clean, dis and reassemble at least a basic ar-15 type
    gun and some kind of handgun. I live in california. Where should i start?

  9. Judith 'Tardo

    Have you ever taken a slingshot to a crowded parking lot and launched stuff
    straight up into the air? Stuff like golf balls?

    Have you ever shot metal nuts (as in nuts and bolts) at cows’ heads? Like
    at their teeth or their eyes?

    Thank you in advance.


  10. Janusha

    Why is it always about guns and weapons when murcans talk about “survival”

    How about learning how to cook and excercise right instead. So they can
    survive their own fat and perhaps add 5 years to their life expectancy
    which is currently the lowest in the industrialised world. 

  11. Brandon Rogers

    idk who owns that shop but you guys have a beautiful shop over there where
    ever you are. great vids and keep it up! 

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