72 Hour Kit – Survivial Kit – Bug Out Bag

Published on Apr 17, 2012
This is an introduction to our 72 hour kit. We are going to break down the individual categories into separate videos.


Water Purification
Food Prep
Fire Kit

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  1. Ryjek

    As for the shelter (probably you have changed it dozens of times till now)
    try the “Polish lavru tent” so called Palatka. It’s a very old design,
    however it is outstanding for cold weather, not the lightest but very very
    interesting and universal.

  2. Austin Berens

    I’m surprised no one anywhere suggest fasting. Little children may not
    need as much ‘fasting’ but adults need to fast 5 days every 6 mo. just
    maybe you can schedule your fasting with your BUGOUT TIME.

  3. justin lane

    in survival make a lean to width 5 ft height 6ft and ave fire hole and gets
    some space blankets

  4. Z28NotTooLate

    Something not many people think of…space saving with the toilet paper,
    unroll it, remove cardboard, re-roll it, that way you can have three times
    as much toilet paper stored in a watertight bag.

  5. Kevin McCollough

    Add military poncho liners; compress well, warm and much lighter than wool
    blankets, (not sure if warmer). Or, costco sells synthetic throw blankets
    for under 10 – Any of the emergency bivy sacks out there are great for an
    emergency but would not last three days (if you do take them, you go into
    one with a blanket)

  6. Paco

    Honest question…what event or circumstances would be severe enough to
    drive you and your entire family out of your home and “into the woods”, and
    then, 72 hours later when supplies are diminishing (or gone), you would
    feel comfortable returning to your home? In short, what is the 72 hr bag in
    preparation for??


    If your just going camping I don’t see why you can put sleeping bags in
    your vehicle. Invest in good sleeping bags & a tent. Don’t waist your money
    on sol bivvy’s & space blankets.. That shit will never keep you warm.. 

  8. judolee64

    Dad maybe you could move up to the largest pack kealty makes the 7850 I
    believe. Then you could carry a small family tent or at least some sleeping
    bags that the kids could double up in. That is what I have done. Even
    though I am disabled and have a hard time walking. I felt it the. Best for
    my children’s interest. You could also employ a cart that you or your wife
    could pull and have some things in there. Possibly even use mountain bikes
    with a cart. And a baby cart as well.

  9. George Wamser

    You need two heavy duty pull behind wagons…one for you, one for your
    wife, with big wheels. The little kids will get tired fast, you may need to
    pull them, the extra room on the wagons is for all the shit you don’t have
    but will need. Like a large Coleman sundome or one of the 10×10 nylon
    teepees you can get on EBAY.

  10. david derrick

    i would think a good size tarp get some wood or metal stakes role it up
    real tight wrap a few maybe 4 20ft or so paira cords wrap it with a rope
    throughout the role and tie it to your rig . my bob is more of a vest with
    leg pouches not as good as most of what ive seen on here.

  11. Daisy Bruce

    You might want to use the ness kit as a faraday storage container for your
    electronics and lighting equipment.

  12. sha war

    Since you’ll obviously be needing a large tent for that brood of ya’lls I
    suggest that you line the inside of the tent walls with Mylar , then stitch
    in a flap in the center of the tent floor where you can bury a pile of
    rocks heated in the campfire(number, heating time, & size depends on the
    nights temp) . This will eliminate the need for full size/thickness
    sleeping bags.

  13. lucky_x16

    for bedding get two sleeping bags that will zip together. They are more
    than roomy enough for 2 people, with plenty of room for small children. You
    carry one and your wife the other.

  14. metalwolf112002

    When it comes to keeping batteries from being drained and corroding, what i
    do is put a piece of paper or another non conductive material between two
    of the batteries. I do carry spare batteries just in case.

  15. Dre Preps

    i’d suggest you add a magnifying lense to your fire starting kit where a
    helmet- cuz zombz eat brain and dont forget your condoms- cuz zombz suck

  16. spikebot587

    i would suggest the eno hammocks they r light weight and they make them big
    enough for two people so you wouldnt have to carry as many

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