72 Hr Bug-Out Personal Hygiene Kit Review

Published on Feb 8, 2014 Survival Resources
This video reviews the Survival Resources 72 Hr. Bug-Out Personal Hygiene Kit designed specifically for Bug-Out Bags, Camping Packs, Vehicle Kits, and Carry-On Luggage.

Survival Resources™ is a unique firm that specializes in survival kit components, survival kits, every day carry and emergency preparedness products. Our goal is to provide our customers with various options and resources to enhance their ability to survive in an emergency situation, whether in the wilderness, while traveling, or during a natural disaster.
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  1. Sherri Jones

    I think these would also be an awesome thing to gift to the people who are
    homeless or are wandering travelers who are in need of hygiene products!
    😀 i love this idea


    John…how about the most important part of a personal hygiene kit which
    you omitted? THE TOILET PAPER! Gotta have that! I think the other items are
    secondary to the almighty toilet paper. Wet Ones would finish the process

  3. NWBushman

    Great little kit. Good price & even better, you sell the replacement
    components at a great price. Thanks for sharing.

  4. biblesnbarbells

    Thanks for the video John. Nice little kit. I will be picking some up.

  5. G. Friedli

    Good Video, cool Kit.

    I agree with you about the opinion of having Toiletpaper in a separate Bag.

    The Style of the old, wise man with white beard and Hair fits you. 🙂


  6. Tom Barnard

    Not enough for 72 hours. You can only wipe your hands twice, shampoo your
    hair once and brush and floss your teeth maybe twice.

  7. Eat Carbs

    Great kit!
    Guess I’ll head back to your site to check the price.
    Thanks for the video

  8. bad hat

    I’d think that in a 72 hr situation that brushing and flossing or
    shampooing and combing my hair, would be the least of my worries

  9. UnholyConfessions

    Hi ! I never saw hygien system or hygien kit yet . It’s simple things you
    will need in your Bug out bag . But I’ll add it something to cut nails 🙂
    You know, your videos are easy to understand for someone like me, who is
    not english or american 🙂 Thanks for all 🙂 Jo

  10. Steve Williams

    Nice little kit John. I always enjoy your reviews. The floss was super
    cool. Gonna have to pick a few of these up.

  11. Thereal111t

    Excellent idea! I agree that nail clippers are an important item to add.
    The kit as it stands now is tsa compliant. Maybe a non tsa compliant kit
    would be in order too. Just a suggestion. 

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