Big Bag O’ (Survival) Gear

Published on Aug 19, 2013
Preparedmind101 brings you another “Big Bag” video, this time with a varied selection of random gear from the PM101 stockpile.While not exactly groundbreaking, this video does offer a few factoids not in other videos. The purpose of this video is a kind of preview for new and potential subscribers of the kinds of gear I review and what kind of info I offer.

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  1. DeTrop EHMB

    I don’t know what you think of mad-water stuff but I have 2 mad-water
    duffle’s they are like 22 inch long dry bags when you close them and simply
    so I can open my gear bag and see all my gear at one time they are giant
    waterproof dry-bags systems check out a big duffle bag and see if you like
    how open they are and you can see all your gear at one time. helps in
    storms bad weather and the dark of night. sry I need to give a link to the
    mad-water bag I am asking you to check out the website but it isn’t showing
    the the right bag its called %%mad-water waterproof sportsman’s duffle bag%%
    its 22 inches long. this link
    and it doesn’t weight 18 pounds amazons bad at weights and make sure its
    not the bla bla sportsman’s moto duffle bag that bag is 8 inches long and
    make sure its not the sports waterproof backpack 

  2. GamePhysics

    13:00 Really? I did not know such a thing existed! Brilliant piece of
    equipment! And in general, one of the best survival gear videos I have seen
    on youtube. Great ideas, I Favorited the video for future reference. Also
    nice seeing an American who isn’t just packing guns, and some actual useful

  3. infringinator

    For all that crap that’ll just sit around till you’re an old man you
    couldve went on an 11 day cruise and enjoyed yourself! No offense to
    preppers but you guys seem to live in a state of fear. Sure it’s great to
    be supplied with essentials, but those talking about nuclear fallout and
    shit are just watching too many movies, and even if it happens your body
    will be too damaged to do all that prepper work anyway

  4. Erick Mendes

    Maybe the neighbor was trying to chain saw a rabbit, and the rodent
    performed a BUG’sBunny OUT… withou a BAG…. 

  5. Wraith35

    Great video! You gave me more than a few alternate ideas for some of my

  6. Mike Mitchell

    PM101 Great vid, I am more like you in that I don’t have a years worth of
    food. I learned a lot from you vid. The frog gig is an outstanding idea.
    Thanks again for a great vid.

  7. Fox Fleet

    Something you might want to consider as an add: bait. You brought fishing,
    trapping, gigging, and spears…might consider a small dry box of sugar
    cubes. Even really stale sugar cubes will pull animals into your area.
    They’re very light for the trade off. Might rather use s-cubes vs a piece
    of your high yield, nutria bar.

  8. popnsmoke100

    Hi so I checked out your review of the schrade sch9 or what ever. I was
    watching a few different knives on eBay when I found your review and you
    were right 100% while it doesn’t have a serrated edge it makes up for with
    rigidity. The scabbard could do with a little bit of a make over but I do
    like the extra pocket many thanks.

  9. Fox Fleet

    …something you might want to consider as an add: GLOVES. Work gloves.
    Whatever your preference for warm weather, cold weather, layered,
    insulated…water-proof, breathable…whatever it is. Gloves. Good trade
    item as well.

  10. theone1501

    Just subscribed. Been “prepping” forever not a trendy so i really do
    appreciate the stuff i havent paid much attention to like game calling,
    great tips in this video. Im not here to draw attention to myself though, i
    dont need to impress anyone.The first video I saw was yesterday the hollow
    knife review and i thought is this guy for real? LOL i dont have a lot of
    time to mess around but it was a nice respite. Look forward to more videos.
    I appreciate the quick, precise, honest, and occasional humorous comments.
    Remind me a little of Jerry Seinfeld which is a compliment. Great video

  11. DeTrop EHMB

    way ahead of you pal only thing really on my back is my shelter that I can
    drop at my campsite and my cooking set is the system im going to use see I
    don’t backpack or day-hike to me this is what I believe . there is roughing
    it – with full power generator… there is camping – at a campsite with
    tents bathrooms and so on…there is backpacking / day-hikes small amounts
    of gear and watching weight. but last is there’s survival and all my gear
    has to last for months and I can use it to feed my family and make sure
    they survive also. to me survival would be the city’s power grid is down
    like sandy area for months and months and even your home water pressure is
    off say a real disaster happened I would need that kind of gear I can take
    to a lake or a KOA camp congregation where 3 thousand other people are
    surviving there and that’s the gear I buy…
    nothing wrong with bug-out bags but you have a family too is your gear for
    them also can you cook 4 meals at one time for your family or just 1 cup
    or 2 at a time and take hours just feeding your family with 1 cup of fresh
    water then another cup of soup then another cup of coffee I made my own
    fire-pit and my fire pit I can carry around lit and move it out of bad
    weather or dump the coals and bury them if I had to haha none of these
    stoves you can carry around I made a very light kinda hibachi it has
    picatinny rail that has a match holder and a light for night cooking none
    of the stoves do that. I use duffle’s so if I take them out of my jeep
    or I drop them off my back I can open them up and see all my gear at one
    time. I don’t ever have to dig I like how you separate everything its
    needed so you know what gear is in what area. sry im rambling on but the
    only gear I buy I want it to work for months and even years and work enough
    to cook feed and keep my family warm the first time. as in city shuts down
    and I need lake or river surviving. for 10 months… 

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