Bug Out Bag Survival kit

Uploaded on Feb 17, 2010
Contents of my bug out bag for surviving disaster in the UK.
I keep it in an M12 tactical bag. I would not take all of this equipment in every situation, only what would be needed and appropriate depending what the emergency is.
I have a mummy style sleeping bag and small air matress. I have a SIGG bottle, 44 and 58 pattern water bottles with 44 steel mug, telescopic baton, sling shot, sharpening stone, larger and small folding saws, one to keep in the bag and one in my pocket. Bivvy bag, foil survival blanket, small guide books for info and to kill bordom, walkies, first aid kit… See More, soap bag, sewing kit, crank powered radio/torch, hunting/gutting knife and woodcraft knife, magnesium block, flint striker, whistle, headlamp, binoculars, waterproofs (behind the S10 gas mask) 550 paracord, compass, leatherman, personal alarm, zippo, a mouse trap, fold away cutlery and a small cooking pot. In the possibles pouch I have matches in a waterproof pot made out of an old shot gun cartridge, carabina clips, water purification tablets (also have them in the first aid kit and my water bottle pouch) and other odds and ends that might be usefull. I also have packs of tuna.

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  1. Hauru Strum

    you could replace the tuna with some dried meat and soy. sports drink
    powder is also good for tasking jobs at hand. stock cubes are good too if
    you know what you can get from nature. always have some salt, sugar and
    vitamin tabs. no reason to carry aluminium. camping cooking gear is great,
    but army stuff is usually thought out better in usefulness for carry pound.

  2. zimmerman84

    Peanut butter or nutella, pure energy its great stuff, not necessarily a
    space saver though. 

  3. Chase Ballard

    A few cans of sardines are nice because they’re lots of calories and smelly
    for bait

  4. george sarac

    Where can I get food supplement in the us and which ones are like fine to

  5. Brendan7838

    Why is it that English people go on about (not allowed Gun’s)I have been in
    the UK lot’s of times and have used legal firearms.

  6. Rourke Anders

    nice bag some good food to get is a box of emergency rations they have a
    five year shelf life

  7. ElHanko

    Aren’t telescopic batons illegal? Compound bows are considered to be for
    sport and therefore legal… They take up space but are extremely light.

  8. Mad Jack Tramper

    Actually here in the UK you can own firearms quite legally, I have several
    shotguns and rifles, 410g, 12g, .22″ .303″, .308″ and 7.62mm. you just
    need to apply for a section one or section two certificate, prove you have
    a legitimate purpose and place of use for them, your not a criminal and
    have secure storage.

    Your expanding baton however is classed as an offensive weapon with the
    sole purpose of causing injury to a person or persons and if you are caught
    with it you stand to get a five year sentence regardless of why you have it.

    As for your knives, anything with a fixed blade or locking blade is
    prohibited as is a folding non locking blade of over three inches,
    furthermore any blade regardless of dimension or type is prohibited if it
    has more than one sharpened edge.
    The exception with knives and edged tools is that you may have it on your
    person given you have justifiable reason or it is a tool of your trade. If
    you walk to Tesco’s with your locking blade in your pocket you will run the
    risk of doing five years but if your standing in Tesco’s with a fixed blade
    six inch cable knife in your hand that’s ok as long as your the electrician.

    The bottom line is that firearms are legally available here in the UK.
    If your caught with your batten you had better have a good lawyer and if
    you carry any blade over three inches, is fixed or is locking or double
    edged you need to have a very good excuse like your sat on a river bank and
    its part of your fishing kit, or your in a forest and its part of your
    bushcraft kit.

    It helps to know the law and I hope I have cleared up some misconceptions
    for you.

  9. Dylan outdoors

    Why does every one say that your not allowed guns in the uk you can own a
    gun but it might take some time to get it.

  10. TheGoldenSaber

    I would get a bow, duct tape, extra batteries, candles, and a BB gun if
    you’re allowed to have one over there. Good list though.

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