Bug Out Basics #1 – Condor 3-Day Assault Pack – Review – What to look for in a BOB Survival Bag?

Published on Feb 12, 2013
What Should You Look for in a 72 Hour BOB Backpack? Well, today we’ll Review the Condor 3-Day Assault Pack as a Good Example of a Well Designed Pack that makes a Nice Backpack for a Bug Out, Emergency, Survival or Disaster Kit Pack. Let’s get started…

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  1. BigJPCutlery

    Great video sir. I have the Fox 3 day Assault pack which is the identical
    twin to this bag except it was only $45 on budk. Thanks for sharing. Take

  2. Leslie Doie

    Bought this bag a little while ago, nice and roomy with lots of pockets.
    The problems with it that I have are but the zippers do not have a very
    smooth action to them. The straps that hold a bladder bag are thing with
    little strips of velcro that do not hold the bladder so it keeps falling to
    the bottom of the bag, plus the holes for the tube are small so if the
    drinking end of the tube has a cover it may not fit through. I have to get
    the bladder all set up in the bag then fill it. Wrote the company but got
    no response. 

  3. Aaron Kay

    Hey man just found your channel, i’m into survival/guns and all that stuff
    and have recently decided to get into backpacking, quality well made video,

  4. cyphersuit1

    Where would you put a sleeping bag and how would you tie a sleeping mat to
    the outside?

  5. PlaceboTree

    How do you guys feels about keeping a handgun and a few boxes of rounds in
    a bug out bag (laws permitting)?

  6. James Kleban

    This is by far the BEST bag I’ve ever owned and used. It’s very
    comfortable, and I can fit everything I need inside of it. The 2 side
    pockets I have 80 rounds of .308 and 2 water bottles at the moment.
    I need to neaten up the inside with the straps to hold my clothes down, but
    that’s no problem.

    One question though, is how you got the Gerber Infantry knife to stay on
    there and look the way it does. I own the same knife in tan, and I can not
    get it to look right on my bag. 

  7. mavericktank

    Been thinking about picking up this pack but have heard a lot of people
    complain about zippers over time, is this a good bag that doesn’t need to
    be replaced in a couple months of use or should I bite it a bit and buy say
    the 5.11 rush 72?

  8. Joaquin Fernandez

    you could make a video which shows everything Guides survival knives
    survival kits etc. everything you carry in your backpack and condor

  9. epicRMiddleton

    I recommend the vango contour rucksack. I have one, its light and durable
    with many pockets, the shoulder and hip straps are a lot wider and thicker
    than the condor making it very comfortable. If u ever get the chance to buy
    one GO FOR IT!

  10. Joaquin Fernandez

    you could make a video which shows everything Guides survival knives
    survival kits etc. everything you carry in your backpack and condor

  11. Sjoerd Martens

    does anyone know if the pathfinder’s stainless steel canteen cooking set
    fits in one of the side pockets? thanks

  12. james ranger

    unless it has a frame dont even try to carry more than 15 to 20 lbs. You
    will hate it, thats the absolute truth. find a nice army surplus molle 3 or
    an all out hikers pack like the osprey frame packs they are absolutly
    awesome and worth every penny.

  13. Phillip White

    WOW..Awesome Review! I am purchasing this pack after watching your review.
    The bible is a nice touch!

  14. Joaquin Fernandez

    you can make a video of your condor backpack appears and everything you
    hold in your backpack 

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