Car Survival Kit / Emergency Bag

Published on Dec 23, 2013
This is the bag I keep in the trunk of my car at all times. The opening of the video explains some of the thinking that goes into the item selection, and the end of the video explains the other items I have in my car for giving away and for specifically car repair. That said, watch, enjoy, subscribe, and comment.

Bag – L.A. Police Gear Operator Backpack
Patches – Pick Your Favorites
Keychain tape measure
Keychain thermometer
ITW Tac Links
Fixed blade – HK Conspiracy (plain edge)
SOL Emergency Whistle
Weight Bearing Carabiner
Generic ‘Altoids’ Tin
UCO Waterproof Matches
Bic Lighters
Magnesium and Ferro Rod
SOL Signal Mirror
Large Sewing Needles
CRKT Eat N’ Tool
Mini Sharpie
Repel bug spray
Clear 50 gallon garbage bag/drum liner
Mountaineering sunglasses
CRKT Eat-N-Tool
4 sticks of beef jerky
Husky crank flashlight
Streamlight Task Light
Black Diamond headlamp
Mechanix gloves
Hand warmers
Batteries in box (AAA, AA, C, and a small screwdriver)
Coleman meal-in-a-bag
2 Wetfire fire starters
3 pens
1 highlighter
2 Motorola Talkabout Radios
Small pad of paper
Blackhawk Roll-out Medical bag
Outdoor Gear dry bag
ITW XL Zip-lock bag
Trucker’s Friend Utility/Demolition Tool
Klean Kanteen and nesting cup
Wire — light and heavier gage
Zip ties
Small sewing kit
2 Large
50 feet paracord (high quality)
50 feet paracord (lower quality)
Banana Boat SPF 50 lip balm
100 ft. paracord
SOL Sport Utility blanket
Fleece jacket
Level-2 long-sleeved EMS shirt
Extra wool socks
Northface fleece hat
2 large, heavy duty rubber bands
Dental floss
Rubber bands
Swiss Army Knife
2 smaller needles
Potable Aqua (water treatment)
Poncho (red)
Wool gloves
Boonie hat
Neck warmer/sniper wrap
Dust masks (3)
Toilet paper
Duct tape (2 rolls/2 colors)
Hand warmers
Emergency reflective blanket

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The 6 Core Areas of Everyday Tactical Vids:
– Soul: Asking the deeper questions of our existence and why we live as we do
– Body: Taking care of the physical body through fitness and medical care
– Psychology: Working to understand our own minds and the minds of others in crisis situations
– Skills: Applying knowledge to the point of proficiency
– Gear Selection: Choosing the right gear for the job or situation
– Location: Where am I and how does that impact all other 5 Core Areas

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– Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, originator of The Sheepdog Concept
– Travis Haley of Haley Strategic
– Chris Costa of Costa Ludus
– The team over at ITS Tactical
– NutnFancy and his YouTube channel/community
– Tom Brown Jr. of The Tracker School
– Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School
– Rob Pincus and the team at Personal Defense Network

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  1. DrakyChodec

    portable bible? seriously? u will not need so much paper for starting

  2. PCnever

    Great Video, thank you so much! I put together a tool kit kept in my truck
    in case of breakdown but wanted to put together a backpack that I can carry
    in case I need to leave my vehicle to find help/ etc. This video really
    helped me to figure out simple yet very affective essentials to keep with
    me. Thanks again

  3. Gary H

    Pastor great video,God bless you,love the bible included.Not only will it
    give encouragement and hope but can double as a sword.

  4. Athanasios Karafillas

    How much do you think it would cost to create a similar backpack from

  5. Kevin Daughtridge

    How much does it weigh? not that you have to carry it, just impressed all
    the stuff you put in it 

  6. Debbie F

    REALLY enjoyed this and took lots of notes. Have read most of the comments
    below as well. May I just add that although many have commented negatively
    about carrying the weight/bulk of a Bible, or because they just don’t
    believe, I would just like to say, that if you truly are in a life or death
    situation you don’t know what you will think or wish you had. If you were
    raised on scriptures (of whatever faith) you may, in such trouble, turn
    back to such a “word of God” for comfort or inspiration. So, don’t be so
    quick to “pooh pooh” such a rod to lift one up when needed. Rock on my

  7. music4ever1981

    Great kit, well thought out! I can’t remember, but did you have any fishing
    lures? Also, if you’re ever visiting a foreign country, a book of common
    phrases in the “host” country could be a helpful asset for you! I saw you
    had lip balm, but I didn’t see any other suntan lotion. On a more personal
    side note sir, I was very pleased and impressed you have a small Bible with
    you. I actually carry a small KJV Bible with me whenever I go somewhere. I
    actually feel very discouraged if I forget it. I love God with all my
    heart, and if our paths would ever cross someday, I would like to visit
    your church. (I don’t have a church). God bless you!

  8. Joe Mathe

    Hi Tim!

    First of all, thank you for sharing your thoughts on your Surv/Emer EDC
    bag. I found it to be very educating as I like to see what people have:
    “knowledge is power” so let’s spread it. Second is another thank you for
    reminding me to get some QuikClot, that is an indispensable item for any
    first aid kit.

    I have only one suggestion: brighter clothing or a highly reflective vest
    to wear on top of what ever you may have. If your emergency bag suddenly
    becomes a survival bag, you need to be spotted FAST! I think I either heard
    you mention it in your video or read it in one of your comments that you
    have one in your car. If you do, I would strap it onto your bag so that
    your bag becomes a “Good to Go” item.

    One thing I’ve learned from my years in the military and a few Tours of
    Duty is that when adrenaline is pumping, your thinking capabilities are
    affected by the tremendous amount of adrenaline rushing in your body.
    Having to think about “just grabbing the bag” might be your instinctive
    move so having it ready and “good to go” with everything on it is
    My 2 cents!

    Carry on brother! 

  9. sparky elven

    this is a great video. I had not thought about keeping my car e’ kit in a
    back pack. I makes a lot more sense than the bowling bag style back that
    the kit came in. As a falconer I make a lot of day trips into the back
    country of Center British Columbia. Though I have never had to hike out the
    thought of having to has crossed my mind. I look at your pack based on that
    idea and only see one major thing I would change and that is the primary
    colours . For myself I would have more hunter orange in it and on it. For
    example, putting your pack down in the dark even with your head lamp down
    will be hard to see. You knife dropped day or night cold be hard to find in
    thick cover. But these are couple a things I see that I would change for
    me . But that is me. I love your pack ideas and This is an awesome base to
    start for anyone who wishes to build their own emergency pack for the back
    seat of their car. I might just try to find away to mount the pack to the
    back the passage seat to make it more accessible should I have to abandon
    the vehicle quickly. Kind of a grab and go type idea. Keep it coming I’m
    glad I found the vid you posted. 

  10. outdooractivities1 .

    Hi could you tell me what size canteen that is and what cup you are using.
    Great vid bye the way. All the best from the UK

  11. Dan Wier

    Having broken my hand and having to stitch it myself with a little sewing
    kit like yours, that medical kit is fantastic.

  12. Voljin

    not a religious person myself but here’s an idea for the bible in your
    pack. if you can find a smaller book you could carry a magnifying glass to
    read and start fire with.

  13. whatwazthat1

    Great video and well thought-out. Many of the comments seem to confuse the
    concept of a bug-out-bag versus a car rescue bag; this concept is a
    “get-home-bag.” My thoughts are that several of the items are redundant
    to what is likely already in the car repair kit, such as duct tape, zip
    ties, road flares (doubles as a fire starter), and mechanics gloves.
    Therefore, some consolidation is likely possible between the two kits
    while still keeping proper respect to the “two-are-one and one-is-none”
    truism.. Two additions I would add is a flare gun kit to assist being
    found and all-weather small radio to receive news if you are stuck due to
    some sort of disaster/weather and have to walk-out.

  14. Tim Duncan

    Great video! where can I get those plastic ziplock bags? I ant find them

  15. Brema Handt

    This is a fantastic pack, don’t get me wrong. But I feel like it’s solely
    for the purposes of surviving and not enough for the purpose of getting
    rescued. Yes I know there is a whistle and signal mirror, etc. But for
    example, no flare, beacon, emergency phone… The things that would make
    getting rescued the easiest. After watching a lot of survival tips videos
    on various Youtube channels I feel as if everyone subconsciously hopes to
    find themselves in a survival situation so that they can put their
    preparation and skills to the test.

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