Cheap Survival Communications & Battery Solutions

Published on Mar 19, 2013
Cheap Survival Communications & Battery Solutions
These are essential tips for survival and prepping. You need a CB radio and you can also greatly extend the range of a CB radio with a high antennae. Also it is extremely important to have emergency weather band and radio, rechargeable batteries and efficient solar chargers to keep the batteries fully charged. Prepping now can save you a lot of money later.

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  1. syyenergy7

    The stuff was still in the plastic wrappers. I only have it for if there is
    a power outage. I could care less about playing on the ham radio.

  2. gasdorfy munchy

    those instant cold packs in medical kits can be used to keep beer cold in a

  3. newsunit

    That weather radio and that good buddy radio don’t come close to amateur
    radio equipment. You ever look into amateur radio? If commercial power goes
    down we hams know how to run generators and mobile equipment that will keep
    communications operational for long periods of sustained interruptions
    other than some major CME storm or something.

  4. syyenergy7

    You guessed it. I’m originally from New Jersey very close to NYC. That is
    the correct way to say it IF you are from New Jersey.

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