Colorado Wildfire Mitigation

Published on Jul 15, 2012
This wildfire season has been one of the worst in Colorado’s history.

Over 3 million acres have been burned nationwide so far this year. While many fires have caused much destruction such as the Waldo Canyon wildfire which destroyed over 300 homes.

Fairmount Fire Protection District Communications Officer Mark Hall gave the Met Report some insight on this years wildfire season.

“In fact at one point we had half the responders, the available responders in the United States and three quarters the available aircraft in the state of Colorado.”

While it is not always a guarantee that your house will be spared, fire mitigation can really help firefighters in the battle against wild land blazes. Mark Hall stresses the benefit of mitigating your property and surrounding areas.

“Fire mitigation is always a good thing… if you can reduce the risk on your particular home or cabin, it allows us to have a much better chance of saving it.”

According to fire mitigation expert Stephen Czyzewski, homeowners should keep grass cut short within 30 feet of the house as well as remove any excess dead trees and branches.

For continued fire coverage stay tuned to The Met Report.

Special thanks to photographer Jake Holgerson.

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