CUCV Bugout Zombie Escape Truck

Published on Jun 2, 2013
Inclimate all weather escape vehicle. Range 800 miles, additions to come, snorkle, and spare tire.

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  1. usmcpatriot37

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. I will try to answer all today. Working on
    getting my HAM General. May install mobile setup. My rear are Detroit
    Lockers. As Xenocath said. “engine compartment resistor has been removed so
    no step down from 24 to 12 volts looks like no cascading glow plug failure
    for him” Thanks to Xenocath for the idea and help with this mod.No ammo
    storage sorry. Long distance one way escape vehicle. To axxegrinder: great
    suggestions. The snorkel is more for volcanic ash….No plans on submerging
    vehicle other than 3 feet.Winch has been tested, the reason for the height,
    is so stay above water…Ain’t ramming anything soon. By the way selling
    truck,maybe for the right price….see Craigslist Richmond VA

  2. Tony Kinsey

    Man nice video. You can’t go wrong with a CUCV. I was in the Army for 8
    yrs. and we beat the shit outta those things and they just kept going and
    going. I have one of those stand out, mean looking BOV’s. I have Five
    children and a wife to keep safe so I need the big super serious BOV. My
    Suburban puts the local Police MRAP to shame. I have a completely blacked
    out 1985 GMC Suburban 4×4 lifted 10 inches sitting on 35’s. It’s bed
    linered inside and out. Front and rear lockers, 425HP 383 stroker, Dual
    exhaust, Rocker panels, Has a 12,000lb winch, Large cargo rack, 42″ 280
    watt LED light bar, 4000 Watt generator, 3000 Watt power inverter, Quad
    remote sealed battery system, solar powered battery charger, 4 point
    deployable camo netting system, quick release removable 2nd & 3rd rear
    seats, entire interior is water proof, (I pressure wash the inside all the
    time) Ram Air Snorkel Intake system, AR500 Ballistic armor plating around
    passenger & engine compartment and tail gate area, dual layer Ballistic
    window film on all windows, (each window Will withstand 40+ rounds of
    7.62×45 at 10ft distance I have tested it on another car) If you haven’t
    put ballistic window film on your BOV, I recommend you do. It’s a little
    pricy but well worth it if your being shot at. Truck is fitted with a
    8″x8″ square 3/8″ tubing heavy duty front ramming bumper with heavy duty
    brush guard with closeable radiator shield made of AR500 Ballistic armor
    plate, 50 gallon fuel cell protected by 1/4 inch AR500 armor skid plate,
    rear storage box is 1/8 inch lead lined making it EMP proof and holds
    flashlights, 2 spare ignition modules, 4 long range radios, and various
    other electronic necessities including 2x EOTech 517 Holographic Sights
    still in their boxes. I carry 4 spare tires, 3 without rims. Truck has a
    homemade off road tire changing system including bead breaker and bead
    seater as well as all required bead lubricants, patches, plugs and patch
    glue. Truck is fitted with internal tool storage that also holds 300lbs of
    tools plus spare tie rods, leaf shackles, butane torch with brazing rods &
    flux for repairing the brass radiator. Truck is fitted with a Self powered
    air compressor with dual 15 gallon air tanks, and a shit ton of other
    things. My truck is my families Bug Out Vehicle. I hope we never have to
    depend on it. But if Zombies come, we’re good until the gas runs out lol.
    Oh and people get out of my way really fast when I come up behind them.
    The thing looks down right mean. It’s funny watching my 5ft tall wife drive
    it. She loves it, but would kill me if she knew just what it cost to build.

  3. James McDonald

    Great setup! I am curious though as to why you went with the M1008, instead
    of the M1009 Blazer? I believe the M1008 is a little stouter in the running
    gear, but the M1009 has way more storage capability. Its also easily
    upgradable in the suspension to be on par with the truck version.

    My thought process behind a BOV has always been that you need as much
    possible storage capacity to carry the maxium payload your rig can
    accomplish. I previously had a M1009 that I had bought from a guy here and
    town, and unfortunately due to some really horrible wiring job someone had
    done, and a completely shot motor I decided to get out of it and into a
    Jeep Cherokee for my BOV rig. I decided to compensate for the loss of room
    by doing a engine upgrade, and building a trailer to go along with it. I
    just wonder if your limiting your payload, and or ability to sleep in the
    vehicle if need be.

  4. axxegrinder7

    usmcpatriot37….dude this is an awesome truck , I had one years ago and
    kick myself for ever selling it however as far as your build goes I would
    make a few suggestions, First off, add an iron barred grill across the back
    window and change all your rear and side glass to super thick plexiglass,if
    you wanted to go totally safe I would also put iron bars on the side
    windows too and zbart rust proof everything! secondly I would also ad a set
    of spotlights to each side considering you have your top lights pointed out
    is good but doesn’t give a full range view unless your right beside what
    your looking at (distance is sometimes crucial.and if all possible i would
    have zbart rust proofed that 55 gallon tank in the back to add life to it
    unless of course you planned on getting a topper for it and modding the
    topper for the exhaust, Now one thing to consider also and I hate to be the
    devils advocate here but It’s just a suggestion… make your batteries
    under the hood and anything else that applys WATER PROOF as possible, a
    snorkel is cool but doesn’t do crap if your submerged in water and your
    electrical dies from getting watter logged or happen to find a deeper area
    with a soft bottom and get stuck…you may very well have to swim to hook
    up your winch to get out but you still need power to operate it… just a
    few things to think about,,,, if ya take and use any of my suggestions
    please mention me and do another great video showing what changes you made.
    great job so far man , love that truck!

  5. Frederick Kaludis

    Very nice set up! I am most impressed! What is your idea for the angle
    steel a cover support?

  6. R.L. Natschke

    Very nice set up! Very impressed! Please excuse my mechanical ignorance,
    but does having the lockers effect speed? I have a two wheel drive truck,
    and have been thinking about locking it for better traction. 

  7. joe king

    you forgot the kitchen I thought I kept a lot of stuff in my
    truck. Nice vehicle.

  8. deathbypowerpoint

    Looks good. I just got a 2001 Blazer and I am looking up ideas for making
    it a better bug out truck.

  9. Brandon C.

    if thats a military M1008 1 1/4 ton truck that 14 bolt will have a detroit
    locker in the back. alot better than a posi

  10. Tyler Danieley

    Damn that’s a nice truck! I got an 86 k10 and I would love to do something
    like this to it. 

  11. xenocath

    look close to his engine compartment resistor has been removed so no step
    down from 24 to 12 volts looks like no cascading glow plug failure for him

  12. D12caterpillar

    i thought up a very similar vehicle in my head. come on here search for
    anything like it and boom here it is nearly to a dam T awesome truck man.

  13. GunsAreEssential1975

    Looks sweet man! I’d love to have a truck like that. Do you have any type
    of communication like a HAM or anything? I’ve been thinking about buying a
    couple in case me and the wife and kid are seperated during a major event.
    It would be good to set up contacts in other states as well if its more of
    a localized disaster . Just a thought. Take care brother, I’m subbing!

  14. Bryn Cartwright

    why would you have your winch stick out so far… it will just break when
    you hit something…


    My 85 M-1028 has a hidden 12.000lb winch so the brush bar can keep
    unwanteds off the truck.It would be good to have a underhood welding
    setup.The 24volts can burn real good just need to keep truck running.

  16. Matthew Bauman

    Your set I have a m1009 with similar plans great job…blah blah to
    everybody that leaves no brain negative comments. Its a great setup

  17. cvpiDOTnet

    You are incorrect, the glow plugs are 12v and ONLY the starter is 24v. The
    resistor bank behind the engine is connected to 24v buss and drops the
    voltage to 12v when the glow plugs system is engaged.

  18. Possum Living

    Great looking BOV! I just bought an M1008 myself, and plan to set it up in
    a similar manner. I also plan to upload some videos of it soon.

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