Demolition Ranch Ultimate EDC (Every Day Carry)

Published on May 2, 2014
To answer the hundreds of questions asked about what I carry on my person and in my vehicle. This is a serious video, seriously.

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  1. spigotsandcogs

    What was that weird claw looking thing on the end of the shotgun’s magazine
    tube? Wasn’t a flash hider because that would be on the barrel.

  2. Liam Morrison-Beer

    So everyone should have 5 pistols, a shotgun, an assault rifle, another
    rifle, extra ammo, and a 50cal sniper rifle mounted on the top of your
    truck!?… Look, I live in Canada, so I might be mistaken but, holy shit
    bro… Isnt that a bit overkill?

  3. Krawll02

    Lol , if someone were to drive around with so many guns in his truck over
    here in Canada, he’d have the entire police force of the 10 nearest towns
    surrounding him haha. It’s funny to see that in Texas, this is just the
    normal everyday thing .

    Now you were saying that we should share our ideas to improve your EDC set
    up. How about an RPG ?? you never know when you might get chased by some
    dudes in a helicopter.

  4. Hunter Smith

    This is ridiculous. I mean who carries two cell phones for God’s sake?


  5. Gram Valentin

    This is the type of edc that scares me. If you need all those guns, just
    get a really powerful pistol.

  6. Brandon Barker

    Always good to have a backup of a backup of a backup of a backup of a
    backup of a backup and a AR and a shotgun

  7. Erik Windland

    This is obviously a joke video no one will need that much in their car also
    if your life is being threatened there will be no warning shots only shots
    to kill.

  8. Leon Pesendorfer

    Barette is so stupid to cary it. in the Car a mosin with visier is enough

  9. Alberto E A Kef

    sorry but ar you alloud to have all those guns or your a police becaus a
    police dont carry that much weapons sorry for my spelling 

  10. Peter K

    Just wondering, is it legal to have an assault rifle mounted on a pick-up?
    I’m mean actually driving through town like that, etc.? Any state?

  11. Mr. Jack A$$

    Jus a theory the stuff in the back seat is probably being held in place by
    magnets, just for all of you guys wondering, might not be correct though…

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