Disaster Preparedness 101

Disasters can come in many forms depending on a few predictable and unpredictable factors. Seasons, geographical and Current Events are my top three factors that can determine the type and probability of disaster anywhere in the world. People who live in Arizona don’t prepare like those that live in Montana. Although the key components are still there, food, water, shelter and defense.

One of the main problems with preparing in this day and age is the availability of technical prepping gear. If the tech route is the way you would like to go, take the time and learn the basic skills before going the easy route, i.e. water filtration. Taking the time to boil your water before using your fancy water filtration device will give you the confidence in your own ability to survive whatever the condition.

Anyone can go to Amazon.com and buy everything they think they need to survive but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you have your garage fully packed out with every survival widget on the market how can you make it a part of your families survival plan. Take a page out of the Special Forces manual and have every one in your family more that familiar in multi survival skills. Some members of your team will naturally gravitate to certain aspects of preparedness. But always play the what if game and know that nothing is certain and with this possibility, a key member of your team may become incapacitated and be unable to handle their assigned tasks. If this were to happen would you and the rest of your team be able to handle all of their own task and those of the other members of the team. Remember to have back up to your back ups.

Going on this journey to Preparedness is not about running around the field on the weekend playing war games. You are taking your entire family on a planned exercise in survival and that is the mind set you must have. In order to survive education, knowledge, and skill will save you and the people you love. ~ TheZASTIA

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