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Published on Oct 22, 2013
By popular request I present the infamous “pocket” dump. Several viewers have asked exactly what I carry on a daily basis. So, I carry a gun, a knife, a light, and a swiss army knife in most cases. Normally that turns out to be a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380, but I enjoy several different models of guns, knives, lights, etc.

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  1. Nickolas Minter

    What city in texas? I dont find many youtubers that are from my home state!

  2. R Priest

    Not that anyone cares but listed below is my EDC.
    1. S&W Shield 9mm w/ XS Big Dot sights
    2. Raven Concealment OWB holster
    3. Extra mag
    4. Cold Steel Recon tanto knife – 3″
    5. Streamlight Stylus Pro flashlight
    6. Galco instructors belt
    7. iPhone 5s
    8. Keys with Leatherman Micro
    9. Oakley’s or RayBans (I live in very sunny Phoenix)
    10. Wallet with a “stash” $100 in cash for emergencies

  3. sparky0288

    I always carry a light, and I was glad I had a light when the power went
    out and had too use it too out of the store….

  4. Cinquecento Nero

    Good video. I like the fact that you provided some level headed advice.

  5. jlen82

    OMG an actual down to earth EDC thank you. I see so many ridiculous EDCs on
    youtube and it drives me crazy. A+ brother! 

  6. Kuan Lee

    Hey man, good video! It’s nice to see videos from someone with a law
    enforcement background. I myself am a security contractor for the federal
    gov’t. I’ve got a little gear channel also called plentyofsteel. Stop by

  7. diligentbullies

    I liked your video. My EDC(everyday carry) check mine out and let me know
    what you think? 

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