EDC: Everyday Carry

Published on Sep 10, 2013
Sensible Prepper Presents: EDC; Everyday Carry. Here’s is what I carry everyday. It continues to be an evolution but the principles are the same. Survival.

Olight S-10 Baton: http://goinggear.com/
Spyderco Manix 2: http://goinggear.com/
Aegis “Shield” Hybrid Holster: http://aegisarmory.us/
Tactical Pen: http://www.maxpedition.com/
CRKT Para Bracelet: http://www.crkt.com/
Don Hume Holster: Ebay.com
Galco Holster: Ebay.com
Bic Lighter: Walmart 🙂
Timex Expedition: Walmart

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  1. Anthony Franken

    Wow I can’t believe that you carry a handgun around with you as standard.
    You guys must have an undercurrent of Anxiety and stress in your lives, . .
    . imagine living like that?
    I feel sorry for you guys.
    Sort of makes me feel good (and thankful), I live in Australia.

  2. Kwack Poles

    OMG! Stupid americans war-guy whos thinking If God bless America we needs
    guns to go this way… It is not a normal country where mans walking down
    the street with guns. Its absolutly silly. From poor Poland with love.

  3. Manhood101

    Excellent video. Your system is very similar to mine including the Nano,
    though I use a S&W M&P 9c as my more serious carry gun with a 17rd spare
    mag. I will try to get back to the original purpose of the video and list
    my edc (need to update my own video).
    Previously mentioned Beretta Nano in a Waldthrop holster
    Zero Tolerance 0300 folding knife
    Friendly Sweed paracord bracelet with jute twine and firesteel built in.
    Solo butane lighter
    Wenger Swiss army knife
    Money clip
    Helotex multi function flashlight
    Keys with cpr mask
    G-shock watch
    Breath mints
    Aker leather kydex filled belt
    That is what is on my person, my edc backpack’s list is too long.

  4. Hillary For President

    Typical gun nut. Leave guns to the military and police! Don’t you realize
    this country has so many murders because you enable them?

  5. SmileWidePro

    I feel like if you really wanted to use that pen as a weapon you could use
    a standard relatively well made retractable pen for the same thing, and
    probably cheaper due to the lack of novelty. 

  6. Jane Doherty

    “Tactical” pens are a waste of space designed to make people with no
    fighting ability feel secure. In effect they are more dangerous than
    nothing. Firstly they are unlikely to deter or incapacitate and aggressor.
    Secondly they would likely be mistaken for an edged weapon if pulled out
    meaning the threat will likely escalate their response to the perceived
    threat. Thirdly holding one negates the persons ability to use that hand to
    grapple. (Yeah so does a knife but the ability to cut more than makes up
    for it) I’d be interested to hear form anyone who has used one in a real
    fight, rape or mugging and how it worked out…..

  7. Gregory Buscher

    S&W 340pd .357mag, 6 round speed strip, Thais IWB, byrd cara cara 2 on
    bootlace, keys, blackberry (yup they still rock) zippo, click pen, wallet,
    paper. custom steel belt buckle and jake belt

  8. Ian Clarke

    I live in Britain, all I carry is my keys and my money, I very rarely take
    a phone.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    You bring a pistol to church? It’s a rough area, you say? WWJD? Arm himself
    to the teeth or volunteer at the shelter?

  10. Kristian B Lerche

    I ALWAYS keep my guns with me and for the moment I haul around my
    bazooka… cus you know, you never know, and shit do happen when it hits
    the fan (The shit )so saying prepared, is the No1 thing to be cus you never
    know, you know…and on top of my bazooka I…just BS’ing you – I’m amazed
    you feel you need all that, to feel safe, your country must be pretty
    crappy if you really NEED all that, seriously do you feel you need that to
    protect yourself ? In Europe on one carry guns, and pretty much no one gets
    shot…. God bless America indeed if it is really that fucked up as you

  11. Daniel DeBusschere

    My EDC consists of the following:
    Wallet, Watch, Dog Tags (Vet), CRKT M16 Folding Knife, Cell Phone, My
    Firearm (S&W M&P9), Extra Mag somewhere, Surefire compact flashlight, Keys,
    Lighters (multiple locations), my duty bag is always in my truck (if
    curious whats in it just let me know), Oakley sunglasses. I think thats
    about it.

  12. Garret Phoenix

    I normally am just a viewer But what the Hell. I Carry on an Every day
    basis a Ruger lc-9 with 1 extra mag. ( alternatively I will carry a Ruger
    sr-9 should I be going into the city but I try to avoid that.) I carry also
    a kershaw awk design knife for utility purposes It has two philips head and
    two flat head drivers and a partially serrated edge great for work shop
    use. I keep a Opinel #8 for really rare skinning and or wood carving uses.
    I have a tactical flash light with two light settings strobe is one and it
    can be used as a striking tool.A cell phone. a firesteel etc…as in a
    Maxpedition mini with various survival gear including bank line, foil, !
    gal zipper bag, etc….. as well as I generally keep the Bk-2 on my hip
    for my work horse tool. As for the N.S.A. they can kiss my @$$ for all I
    care. just from my standpoint this is for personal defense and general use.
    the whole damn government is mental so they can just keep on spying. keep
    in mind I did not say Every thing I keep close to hand either way I am as
    ready as i can be it is what it is.

  13. 侵入者肛門

    Can someone expalin please what is that green bracelet and what is it for? 

  14. Survival Solutions

    My current EDC is:
    Springfield XD-S 45acp 3.3 Inch
    Altoids Survival Tin
    Ozark Trail LED
    Watch w/ Compass
    550 7 Strand Paracord Bracelet
    CRKT m16-14 Rescue Knife (Pocket)
    Ka-bar Becker-11 (Neck Knife)
    Transition Glasses
    Harley Davidson Wallet w/ Chain
    Cell Phone
    Extra 45 Mag
    Zippo (Don’t smoke though)

    On Keychain:
    Jet Screamer Whistle (Really loud)
    Energizer LED
    Button Compass

    I think thats it. -Stay Frosty people. 

  15. trulybrilliant23

    My mom and I where in a car crash 2 days ago and I was carrying my pocket
    knife and it saved us I smashed the front window cut my mums seatbelt and
    help her climb out . True 

  16. WiIdbiII

    In the old days we just called this, “Stuff in our pockets”. Why the heck
    do we have to give everything a name now?

  17. desolatetree

    For my EDC I carry my phone, wallet, knife, keys, and watch. But once I’m
    old enough I’ll be carrying a .38 special on my ankle.

  18. R3fL3KkZii0N

    In the country I live even knifes with a blade over 12cm are forbidden if
    do not have a reason (hunting etc.), dont talk about guns…

  19. 16.5toHeaven

    I live in an area where carrying of any firearms is illegal.
    What I carry:
    -Keys, Wallet, Phone, Watch, Pen (the 5 basics)
    -2+ knives (changes depending on what I do)
    -Duct Tape (a small roll)
    -Thrunite Ti2
    -Fox40 (whistle)
    -12″ of weaved Snakeknot paracord (111″ if u unweave it)

  20. geheimschriver

    Keys, wallet, phone, that’s it.
    I live in a civilized area, so no need for survival tools. Also, I have
    job, and for that reason can afford to live in an area where you don’t get
    mugged on every street corner, so no need for a gun.

  21. provident8732

    Nice how you keep things simple. I live in San Francisco. Good luck getting
    a ccw here. But rather get caught with it then not. 

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