Personal Safety and Awareness Techniques

Traveling around the country as I do often brings me in areas or situations the normal wouldn’t run into. I travel around working on various projects and the research requires that I be be prepared for instance that may come up, adjustments will be made on the fly as needs dictate.

Recently, I had a reminder about situational awareness in regards to your personal electronic devices.

In a cafe, I had my laptop out as many had and the bunches of cell phones attached to chargers all overview place. I was going yo pop across the street and leave my things, at the last minute I changed my mind, gathered my things and took off. Up in returning, we were informed 2 laptops were stolen.

Apparently, the thieves were staking out the place. Later more items were also reported stolen like cell phones. I was lucky.

Situational awareness, is a favorite topic whenever prepping and survival are brought up in conversation.

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