Floating Zombie Proof Fortress

Houseboats have always been a great thought for somewhere to chill during the initial stages of the UZA.  A vision of a barge with a crane to move equipment to move gear around. Large enough to house a few extended family units.

Some think that water would be a sufficient barrier from the zombie horde… remember, they aren’t alive so technically they can walk under water. As long as you don’t let them get near or have enough stand off defense weaponry it won’t matter.

Now how to power the sucker.  Solar panels everywhere and tons of wind generator tower.

Recently, one of our traveling agents took this picture of a killer giant catamaran that store compactly enough to not require wide load permits.  From the pictures I think we would agree that an upgrade in truck would definitely be in order.

Another possibility is the floating island of recycled 2 liters bottles.  Start collecting now.

Lets be honest, you’ll sleep better knowing you won’t be woken up by a set of teeth digging into your flesh.

Build your houseboat properly and you can be a self sustaining floating home capable of producing food (rooftop/porch garden), generating electricity, and purifying water (you can pump it from the water you are floating on). I’d say that’s a pretty big win.

(Many of the articles that we write are works in progress, with images and more links added later)

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