For Sale – used 10′ X 50′ Atlas Survival Shelter!

Published on Aug 28, 2013
“This is a once in a lifetime deal.”

We installed this Shelter for a TV series only. Now we need to pull it out and find it a permanent home. You can save around $30,000 on this 2011 (10′ X 50′) Home model from Atlas Survival Shelters. Included in the price will be all the furniture, water tanks, septic tanks, generator pod, and freight from the factory. Enjoy this video – this is the actual shelter!

Atlas Survival Shelters
7407 Telegraph Road,
Montebello, CA 90640
# (323) 727-7084

Website –

Ron Hubbard
President/CEO & Founder
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  1. Richard Ball

    Wood be easier and cheaper to just bury some shipping containers. Thus
    customisable to any size and lay out. 

  2. drumdude46

    2′ thick, stealthily ‘locked’ steel door, to get in. check. ‘secret’
    (lol!) escape tunnel out the back way, 30 ft to the right, with open
    duct and no door blocking stairway leading down, ahh…..just over
    there! lol! wow. and that generator?? are you serious? Look,
    it IS a cool container, but…. this is ridiculous. born from the
    ‘skiddish minds’, of ultra-paranoid, conspiracy nuts, who love to burrow.
    imagine the excavation project to ‘get all this’ set down into the
    ground? the ‘noise’ and the attention you’d get, doing so? agreed
    with other guy, good place to huddle for a nuclear event, but…..
    SHTF? your a sitting duck down there….. easily breached, or
    sabotaged, in a number of ways…

  3. D.N. R.

    Would be a great tank to store my farm animals water in, how much without
    all the fancy submarine doors and beds and stuff just capped on both ends
    with the tunnel tube to put the water down delivered to southwest Texas?

  4. Scott Fournier

    Did any of you dumb fucks read the part where it is said “We installed this
    Shelter for a TV series only”

  5. Andrew Hall

    Just come in through the escape opening ! There is no door or anything !
    stupid ! Just plain old stupid!

  6. quercus

    In a shtf situation or the way everyone is armed up a small arms war. There
    wouldn’t any place be safe for long.

  7. Mobi Wijkstra

    I mean, nukes and shit thats aight and stuff. But man you got one sweet
    ass bunker there :o

  8. Somewon Yuno

    There are so many things wrong with these types of shelters in an actual
    SHTF scenario it’s not even funny.
    The fumes & noise from that generator is a giant beacon for anyone to find.
    I would simply block the exhaust to generator, block 1 exit, drill a hole
    in your emergency exit & put a hose in & fill it with exhaust fumes from
    the truck, or even your own generator, Or if I want to do it even easier, I
    would just locate the fresh air intake & pump the exhaust in that way or
    just block it. wait about a week, then go in & take what I want.
    Another problem with these ready mad shelters & companies is that any work
    they do ALWAYS require permits. There are taxes that they have to report,
    that means the government knows about it as well as everyone involved in
    the process, tax man , inspectors, contractors, drivers for the heavy
    equipment, as well as the unit itself (these things aren’t tiny,) & in a
    small town EVERYONE knows.
    Most of these things are going to end up being very expensive tombs in a
    SHTF scenario.

  9. wildoxidizer

    other word if they find you entrance they can park a truck on top the wait
    for the gas to run out of your generator or find your exit at same time and
    ill ya… Mine is a better design nice but the door should always open into
    the bunker not out
    plus the generator should be accessed from the bunker… I have trees and
    ferns growing in my bunker and a few more plants plus I have a methane and
    gasifer generator that make syn-gas=gasoline, diesel and propane from human
    and plant waste then animals waste also…

  10. DefyVengance

    honistly if you encounter any kind of real sniper you wouldn’t know it you
    would be dead before you knew he was there 

  11. Bobby Turner

    is there no door for the “emergency escape hatch:” if not the “snipers”
    lmao will just be dropping in to check on ya 

  12. Betty Copp

    Let someone park a vehicle on top of those hatch’s and you’re not going
    anywhere, ever. Whatever is making that noise? A generator for air maybe?
    You are advertising you have a shelter there then, not smart.

  13. fourfortyroadrunner

    Another delusional, raving lunatic, who could not even plan far enough
    ahead to bury this future death trap in a a permanently acceptable
    location. I guess I could use it for a food storage cellar, that is,
    if you deliver it TO me for nothing.

  14. Grace Serena Christie

    I could use a few tunnels to nowhere anyone can find. This is cool. I
    just need that pit with a tiger to eat people who fall in and a few
    explosive reactions to people walking around. Don’t give me any ideas.
    Your shelter looks civilized. Not like some that I have seen look scary.
    Bet the FBI would say they have listening devices in your dishwasher.
    They are not kidding. 

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