Gerber Bear Grylls ULTIMATE Survival Kit – REVIEW – Best Survival Kit for Emergencies and Disasters?

Published on Nov 25, 2012
NEW – Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit – REVIEW from – Is it the Best Survival Kit for Wilderness, Disasters and Emergencies? Let’s find out…

Let’s test and review the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit 31-001047… and see if it might help you stay alive in an emergency.

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  1. banesbox

    People, seriously? Buy good quality items that fits your “survival” needs
    and make your own bag. This kit is cheap and crap. You really want to
    trust your life with this Chinese made garbage? Spend a little more money
    and get real survival gear.

  2. noonsight2010

    As well as the recommended items to add, put in an un-lubricated condom
    which can serve as a water carrier.

  3. thorsbeat

    This guy loves BG stuff. Come on man watch some guys that use their gear.
    This stuff won’t hold up to the test. I’ll let my son play with this stuff
    for fun. 

  4. Joel Williams

    This is a good piece of survival equipment but I think that gerber could
    have added a descent knife and the zip would ACTUALLY work, and the price
    in uk is quite expensive. Appart from these its a good kit

  5. Daniel Moreno

    Im not goin to buy this thing,,,! missing stuff and not worthy in my eyes.

  6. Scott Ashby

    You shouldn’t diss the handsaw. You are not supposed to pull it with your
    hands. You get a length of angled limb and notch it on each end. Bend the
    limb and fit the rings into the notches between the ends like a bow and
    arrow. This will be the best out door saw you will ever own. Also the saw
    itself can be used as a snare in a pinch. What I don’t understand is how a
    supposed survival expert doesn’t know about this.

  7. stepan12

    how stupid?
    you rated the basic kit 3,5 stars
    and the ultimate kid 3 stars?
    wtf dude, same things + more stuff added

  8. Rotor Wings

    Wait, you’re suggesting I add the BG light to the kit? It seems ironic that
    I should add a BG light to a BG survival kit to make it more complete. How
    can BG put his name on a survival kit that doesn’t even include a compass,
    water purification tabs, or first aid? Shameful.

  9. brutalbrital

    for a ‘ultimate’ kit its really shoddy crap I give it a solid 2 stars with
    a solid buy something else advice

  10. ttjtv3

    Wtf dude ur using the damn saw all wrong. U have to put it around the
    outside if the tree anf pull towards yourself.

  11. Steven Wright

    Did you use different software than usual to record this? my computer seems
    to have a harder time than usual processing this video in particular…

  12. Blake Ragsdale

    honestly I got all of that with less then have the price that it originally
    cost. buy it individually or find it? be a survivalist and improvise

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