Gerber LMF II Review – Best Survival Knife for the Money?

Published on Jun 6, 2012
NEW Gerber LMF II REVIEW from – Is the Gerber LMF II the best survival knife for the money? Let’s see…

Today we’ll bash through a car window and make a spear with the Gerber LMF II. We’ll compare it to the SOG Seal, SOG Force, Gerber LHR, Bear Grylls Ultimate, LHR, Prodigy and Gerber Silver Trident…

Let’s take a fresh look at the Gerber LMF II survival knife and find out if it IS the best survival knife available for under $70 online.

We’ll look at the Gerber LMF II (Gerber LMF 2) survival knife from just about every angle and hone in on who should buy this knife and who should look somewhere else. Could this be the best survival knife for the money today? Let’s find out…

AS PROMISED… Here Are Links to ALL the Gear that I Mentioned in the Video:

SOG Seal Pup (Premium Smaller Combat Knife):

Gerber Prodigy (Nice Smaller Survival / Tactical Knife):

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife (Now Available in a Fine Edge – NO Serrations):

Gerber LMF II (ASEK, Survival and Infantry):

SOG Force (Excellent – Survival / Tactical Knife):

Gerber Silver Trident (the Gold Standard in Combat Knives):

SOG Seal Team Elite (Premium Full Tang Tactical Knife):

Gerber LHR (Premium Full Tang Tactical Knife):

HERE’S the STUFF I Attached to the LMF II Sheath:

Bear Grylls Micro Torch (AKA – Mini LED Flashlight – Has 3 Settings (high, low, blink) – Battery IS Replaceable:

Bear Grylls Replacement Fire Starter:

Smith Pocket Pal:

Bear Grylls Sharpener:

ALSO SHOWN in Video:

Gerber Applegate-Faribairn Combat and Covert Folder (These are My Favorite “Carry-All-The-Time” Knives):

Gerber Guardian – Backup – Boot Knife (Snappy Little Covert Knife)

Gerber Safety Hook Knife / Strap Cutter (Was shown on my MOLLE vest next to the LMF 2 Safety Knife):

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