Getting Started in Ham Radio

Published on Mar 1, 2013
This is a quick “how to” get into ham radio and I answer some common questions I get asked about ham radio a lot. This is only my opinion and it my not be the best way for you but if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them the best I can.
Here is a link to the ARRL’s web site for info on getting your license…

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  1. Mill Lumine

    are there any books or online academies that will train you to get the
    licenses? How long are the tests?

  2. K sweeney

    I’m located in Riverside California if anyone knows ant clubs or ways i can
    start this hobby.

  3. serger2010

    screw the license!! I have the god given freedom to do this I don’t need my
    governments permission to tell me or control me with what I do!!! 

  4. Dan Phelan

    The point about getting started for $200 is a good one. I had always
    thought it would be thousands.

    thanks, Dan

  5. Darren Bunch

    Hi does anybody no the model of the radio he keeps his hand on and talks
    about.i no the make, but not the model please?

  6. tommy taylor

    I’m just starting out!! Very Professional video, explain very well!! Keep
    up good work! Thanks 🙂 

  7. Jonathan Murray

    I’ve watched this video at least 5 times and I finally took the test and I

  8. Jeff Southerland

    I’ve wanted into HAM since my 20s. Thanks to these videos I’ve found an
    Elmer and I’m doing it. Lucked out having a neighbor with a grandfathered
    Advance Class. Oh btw, I’m 53 now. 

  9. InTheNameOfJustice

    I think a large part of what kills Ham radio interest for many people is
    that the ordinary law of the market does not seem to apply (Or BE applied)
    by equipment makers. That is true of everything in the field including the
    radios, antennas, tuners, amplifiers and so on.
    Under normal market laws once the cost of R+D and distribution etc., have
    been recouped by the manufacturers, the costs should begin to fall rapidly.
    So, a new product brought to market will cost more in years 1 and 2 and
    then the price will fall as the expenses incurred in initial production
    drop off. In Ham Radio, this does not happen. Prices remain high, which
    indicates an unacceptable level of profiteering by the producers and causes
    most people to be priced out of what has become a very expensive and
    clearly price rigged market.
    The makers know that people will not be satisfied with limited performance
    of say a 2m only radio and sooner or later will want to explore and use
    other bands. THAT is where the profiteering begins.
    What will kill the hobby in the end, is greed. The situation would be
    helped if Ham Radio operators got together and told the manufacturers to
    knock the profiteering off. Can’t see that happening though because most of
    them seem to think if you pay big bucks it gives you some kind of snobbery
    kudos. In this way, they are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

  10. angel calvillo

    everyone on youtube just talks about it i never see a ham radio in use
    where someone is talking to there buddy and where at.

  11. marcos22571

    I just bought a kenwood tk940 and I dont know how to program it nore
    listen to channels how do I go about programming it?!? Thank you Elmer…..

  12. Covertmaddroxx1

    Question, are you able to communicate over CB/VHF/UHF while on one of those
    FT-2900R’s? I am looking into getting my HAM operator.

  13. Nick MANTRA

    I was invited out on the boat ” HIGH FREQUENCY ” and he was the son of the
    man who discovered FM radio waves. He’s 71yrs old and piss rich. but i want
    a police scanner/ radio all in one, are they available? if so which do i
    get? I wanna get my arrl license too. but i want a all in one.

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