Getting Your Food Storage

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Three easy steps to getting your food storage.

We have taken some of the points from the video but the thing that we stress is that creating a food storage plan is a personal experience that will take time to research and lots of money. Sure there are some companies that you can just hit add to cart and they will send you a year supply of food for everyone in your survival team, but get ready to write a serious check. Here are a few steps to start with and please if you have more to add or your own thoughts check out our Facebook page

Step One – Water

In any survival situation there is nothing more important than having clean water for every member of your survival team. People don’t realize that water takes up a lot of space. Taking the time to create a safe water storage plan can make the difference between life and death for you group.

Use the following guidelines when storing water:

1. Store drinking water in carefully cleaned, non-corrosive, tightly covered containers.

2. Store containers in a cool dark place. DO NOT store in direct sunlight. Polyethylene plastics (prepackaged milk and water bottles) are somewhat permeable to hydrocarbon vapors. Keep away from stored gasoline, kerosene, pesticides, or similar substances.

3. Stored tap water should be rotated every 6 months. Prepackaged bottled water should be rotated once a year. Check the pull date on the container. Be sure it didn’t sit on the store’s shelf for a year before you purchased it. Self Serve Bottled Water should be rotated once a year, as long as the water treatment process includes ozonation.

4. Rotate your stored water with the water you use on a regular basis. This practice helps insure you don’t have water stored longer than one year.

Step Two – Minimum 3 Months Food Supply per Person

Getting your survival food plan is as simple and buying 3 times the amount you buy for your family once a month. This is the food that your family consumes on a weekly basis and is easily and safely stored. Developing your food plan around meals that your family easts regularly will make eating and preparing food that much less stressful in a survival situation. This is the discipline that will enable your family to survival and thrive when the SHTF.

Step Three – Long Term Food Storage

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