Ham Radio Tutorial – Your First Radio!

Uploaded on Jun 7, 2011
This is a video about buying your very first ham radio! I also make some recommendations about good models to pick as a first radio. There are many more options than the ones I have suggested! If you’re not sure about a particular model, leave a comment down below and I’ll put in my two cents.

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  1. Joe Portnoy

    Ever hear of a cell phone?
    Who needs all that radio junk to pretend like it’s 1970?

  2. Albert Meyer

    Your radio recommendations age great – but the antenna is probably just as
    important. Your recommendations for a simple base station antenna? In my
    case most limey must be an attic mounted unit.

  3. Sebastian Usami

    1000 for a first radio? fuck that. thats waaay to big of an investment for
    a first radio.

  4. alan spurlock

    most who have ever gotten involved in a hobby, invest in something, use it
    then decide that something else may have suited their needs better. it’s
    part of being involved in a hobby a suppose.

  5. outbackeddie

    Personally I think buying a cheap hand held 2M radio is the way to go when
    you first get your license. This will let you get started, learn about
    repeaters, get comfortable with the terminology, etc. You can always sell
    this radio when you are ready to upgrade. I think buying an expensive rig
    when you are new to the hobby is a big mistake.

  6. william cox

    what are your thoughts on a baofung uv5ra ,i don’t have a lot of money so i
    am looking for bang for my buck 

  7. Radioddity

    Ham Radio Tutorial – Your first radio!
    Ham Radio Tutorial – Your first radio!

  8. KK4ZJH

    Thanks for your videos – you explain things very well. I am a new Ham, and
    just passed my Genl Class exam. I purchased a Yaesu 7900 dual band and am
    enjoying it. Having not purchased an All Band, and since I have the Dual
    Band, i am considering buying the Yaesu 450D because it covers the rest of
    the bands, it has an internal antenna tuner, and the price is very right.
    Please comment. I won’t do it if you advise against it. Thanks! Scott

  9. S. Shafi Husain

    Thank you. Your videos are great. I am glad to know someone who loves radio
    as I do. Dear, I have one question and I am sure you would know the best. I
    need a radio which has every possible feature but I can compromise on power
    as a beginner. I noticed IC 7100. Can you please confirm if this is all
    band/mode radio ? Let me know if need to pick something else. I just want a
    very modern radio.

  10. Tom Kildea

    Man, who can spend that kind of money right off the bat? (I couldn’t 20
    years ago, and I still can’t!) Hardly an incentive to get in the hobby,
    especially if you’re timid about getting your feet wet. I bought my first
    rig (a used Kenwood 520S) from a reputable dealer for around $300, and made
    my own antennas for practically nothing. If you’re new to ham radio, you
    don’t have to sink a small fortune into it to get started and have a lot of
    fun. Do your research, and buy something used from a trustworthy source.
    (Hams are famous for cycling through their equipment.) Buy that new rig
    only after you have some knowledge and experience under your belt!

  11. Gman200108

    Thanks for all of your videos! I’ve always been interested in radios and
    such and I’m finally getting into HAM radios and such. Your videos are very
    informative and I thank you for spending the time to make them. I subbed!

  12. Adam R

    $1000 radio to start? No way. You can get a $30 handheld that will at least
    you started.

    You can always buy a better radio later. 

  13. Douglas Shuler

    Very informative. Begining to do my research to get into the hobby. Been
    planning this for many years. 

  14. Jimmy Dee

    Just got my Tech & General. Starting to study for my Extra. No radio
    equipment yet. What are you thoughts/recommendations on the IC 7200? 

  15. shane stephen

    hi N7TFP, what would you say is better? Icom Dstar 2M – 70cms or a Yeausu
    10M, 6M, 2M and 70cms? i am stuck on what to get as i’m away to sit my
    licance exam in 3weeks…

  16. SouthwestOutdoorSports

    Hi All! Tyler, I just passed my general test and watched this video. If I
    understand YouTube correctly you made this video in 2011. Would you still
    recommend these two radios for my first radio or there another newer
    product that you would recommend? Thx!

  17. chris logan

    hello id like to say i enjoy all of your videos and learned alot from them.

  18. andrew moore

    hi there can you tell me how can i hook up a ten band stereo equalizer

  19. Crewdog77

    Is that a 2 Meter SlimJim drifting in the window behind you, If so do you
    like it?

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