How to Cook Fish in a Survival Situation by Equip 2 Endure

Published on Jul 12, 2012
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This video is the second part of the spear fishing video that was posted last weekend. In this scenerio I discuss the type of fire that is desireable, some of the techniques that I like to use in order to make the coal bed to be optimal. If this technique is used or practiced by the viewer, it should be understood that the coal bed should correspond to the amount of fish, or, furred game, that is being cooked. There are several other issues that should be addressed, but, without personal instruction it is rather complicated to explain by the written word. The video should speak volumes and most of the important issues are clearly seen. These techniques as well as many others are covered in depth in our (E2E) training courses. We here at E2E do not teach theory we teach in a real time scenerio. Hope you enjoy the video.
Equip 2 Endure
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