Indoor Aquaponics with 20 Gallon Tank Part 3

Published on Dec 4, 2012
Video 3 for the Aquaponic 20 Gallon Aquarium Indoor set-up

* Painted Tank Blank
* Added Fish Gravel
* Added Air Stone
* Added Turtle Rock
* Glued intake pipes
* Added hose from intake pipes back to aquarium
* Added Filter to water intake
* Added 2 Inch Media guard for water to fall to bottom of grow bed
* Updated Bell Siphon
* Added 6 inch fluted water exhaust pipe to cut down on noise of water
* Started Fish-less cycle using ammonia (currently at 8.0 ppm. I cant believe only 1 cap of ammonia raised the levels from 0 to 8. I Will try using 1/4 of a cap next time the ammonia drops below .5

Thanks for Watching, Leave any comments or questions you have and i will make sure to answer them.

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