Insurance Bureau of Canada Emergency Preparedness Wildfires

Published on Jan 7, 2013
2D animated series talking about being prepared for major disasters, designed and produced for the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

(The following list is compiled for ease of use from the content of the video ~ TheZASTIA)

1. Replace older style wooden roof with metal, ceramic or asphalt roofing materials.
2. Clean eaves of debris.
3. Enclose eaves and soffits to prevent intrusion of embers
4. No coniferous trees, Pine, Spruce, and no Juniper within ten meters of your home.
5. Defensive perimeter around home.
6. Remove all firewood piles away from home.
7. Maintain a water supply and extra hoses to be able to pre-soak structure.

Minimum 72 hr Kit

1. 2 liters water per person per day
2. Non Perishable Food, dehydrated, and canned food
3. Hand cranked can opener.
4. First Aid Kit
5. Flashlight w/2 extra sets of batteries
6. Portable radio, wind-up or battery powered w/2 extra sets of batteries
7. Special needs items: Prescription medicines, Baby formula, diapers, and wipes
8. Extra keys
9. cash
10. Valuable inventory, emergency plan

Photo copies of Important Personal Paperwork
ID’s, passports, home inventory, insurance information, property deeds

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