Jeep Habitat: Light Weight Compact Highly Mobile Urban Escape Vehicle

Uploaded on Nov 5, 2011
Roof top tent on a Jeep JK 4 door. SEMA 2011

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  1. rogue109

    Man, I wish they made that top for 2 door JK’s, I’d love to have one on my

  2. kingsmountainview

    @1TacticalMedic No… Gasoline. At 1:00 notice the 5.7L V8 sticker; it’s
    got a HEMI.

  3. mixflip

    @1TacticalMedic Probably? AEV does offer the deisel conversion so I would
    assume an advertising vehicle like thise one would have everything the
    company offers. I didnt see any diesel stickers or badges and the hood was
    always down so I didnt get a look inside.

  4. mixflip

    How about paint. They sell it by the buckets at home depot. You can spray
    it on or even roll it on in just a few minutes if you have any kind of
    warning. It wouldnt have to look pretty if its a bug out event.

  5. mixflip

    @LOOKOUT2012 True. I can bug out to the mountains with a motorcycle or even
    a quad ATV if simply getting out of town is the goal. But you have to think
    about how you are going to live (survive) once you are in a safe zone?
    Basically you’ll need to camp and this jeep allows for quick & easy
    camping. And you can move your camp quickly with this jeep. Im no jeep
    fanboy but I see value in this setup. Mobility, shelter, food, water, fuel,
    guns, ammo and gear all in one package.

  6. texture6

    If u consider it’s lifespan (2 full tanks of gas) in a WROL or SHTF
    scenario it’s not worth the thousands of dollars. Better yet invest that
    money in an off the grid place

  7. paul earnhart

    you are wrong about that my friend i’m the the type that wants the feds and
    lawyers out of my life “if you only knew” i was raised by a old fashion
    county man in the county im 51 one years old and i believe that what
    belongs to someone else is not mine to touch even if no harm is intended,
    even if i am just amazed by it i still have no right to touch it. if i
    didn’t work for it i have no right to it.

  8. Spencer Spence

    All very well but we know wen shtf first thing to happen is gridlock on the
    road ure better of on foot light and fast trust me

  9. paul earnhart

    what makes people think they have the right to touch other peoples stuff
    anywhere (parking lot, driveway, sema,where ever) if its not yours dont
    touch it

  10. mixflip

    @trenttyre Thanks for the info. It was a little confusing with all the
    brand marketing spattered all over the Jeep. Adventure Trailers makes the
    tent but its marketed as the JK Habitat by Jeep. A bit confusing for a
    newbie like me. I will try and get to overland expo next year. I have a
    good buddy in Phoenix I need to visit anyway so that would be a cool trip.

  11. mixflip

    Well then dont bring youre Jeep to SEMA and park it outside in the public
    area. Put up a fucking rope barrier like all the other folks who dont want
    their cars touched. Jeeps go off road and get bashed by rocks and dirtied
    by mud but God forbid someone at a car show touches a jeep??? lol

  12. Beaverj420

    It’s very nice but keep your dick beaters off it! I hate when people touch
    my jeep!!!

  13. ryanjh2005

    propane on the outside? where rocks can fly up and might get smashed
    against a boulder?..eveything els seems sweet though

  14. mixflip

    Yes it would but its alot less fun (before an emergency). Its made for
    camping and overlanding…not bugging out in an emergency.

  15. 1TacticalMedic

    @kingsmountainview Either way, that mo fo is nice! I have owned many Jeeps.
    I am now onto a Toyo FJ Cruiser thats gonna serve me wife well. then I am
    buying me another Jeep

  16. BStrick1993

    No I wouldn’t I just wouldn’t buy this exact one. And I’d stick with
    something that has a lot less electronics. Electronics are just something
    else to fail.

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