Load Bearing Vest – Survival Vest – Bug Out Vest – Field Clothing – Review

Published on Jan 6, 2013
This is a review about my Load Bearing/Survival/Bug Out Vest. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! Please rate, comment and subscribe!

Some of my products and gear are sponsored by HettyKat Survival.

Their website: http://www.hettykat.nl

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  1. mandgsurvival

    @ Joseph Gillon
    Thanks, no it doesn’t, the vest is very well padded on the inside so
    proning is not a problem :)

  2. BearClaw Prepper

    Wow! You have just made me completely re-think my whole bug out system.
    That is an awesome vest and would get rid of the whole back breaking bug
    out bag. Well done and thank you, i’m off to get one for myself. :)

  3. Joseph Gillon

    Your vest is good must one thing when u go prone on your stomach does the
    gear in the front dig into u

  4. Che M.

    I have to admit I’m a little jealous. I have a huge backpack and you’ve
    managed to fit nearly everything I have into a much lighter set-up. How
    much does it weigh fully loaded?

  5. A Bob

    I don’t know your situation when it comes to firearms but if you ever
    intend to get one later, you might want to start with airsoft or paintball.
    Practice with airsoft or paintball that way when you do own a firearm you
    will be familiar with safe handling of weapons, as well fixing any problems
    that come with tactical gear pouch placement and shooting. Get a group of
    friends together and train with your gear to see if it works right. Keep up
    the great work.

  6. Simon Bravel

    People who are saying it’s to tactical are fucking retards. In a
    apocalypse/bug out situation it doesn’t matter if you’re tactical or not
    they’re most likely to shoot you anyways for *your* gear. Good video and
    fuck the haters. 

  7. G36Jeff

    Wow this gear setup is very impressive. I’m going to let people know about
    your channel. What kind of vest and gear is that. I might have missed u
    saying so. Thanks 

  8. merlachner

    Great video . nice set up. You should add some extra socks and underwear
    tohugh. i Wouldrecomend merino wool. soft and moisture wicking and abosorbs

  9. 123Queful

    check you crank flash light i had one that did take a baterys (non
    rechargeable) and had no capacitor so when i needed it the bat was dead
    and as soon as you stop cranking …..no light so it sucks with one

  10. Jeremy Thomas

    Cool but a gun or bow would help a great deal in a buyout situation. I do
    like the vest it as some take care 

  11. 123Queful

    if the shit hits the fan and you live long enough you will own a gun even
    if you have to take it off a dead soilder

  12. Naturliebe

    A lot of good stuff from ASMC. Very well compiled ​​kit. Thanks for
    sharing. Have a good one. Greetings Tito

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