Low Profile Urban EDC (Everyday Carry)

Published on Mar 1, 2014
This is my Urban EDC. When I say Urban EDC, I mean real city, with skyscrapers and angry drunk homeless people. The difference between my Urban EDC and the next person’s is that mine is condensed to not draw attention and for security. If I bring my truck then I have stuff in there as well, but that’s another video.

Lionheart Pistol video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9JsI…

Eberlestock Halftrack: http://tinyurl.com/n2qkebs

SOG Vulcan: http://tinyurl.com/ltwurhx
Baja 3.0: http://tinyurl.com/mxbxhy9

Zippo Armor: http://tinyurl.com/k5gxt7f
Firesteel Sheath: http://tinyurl.com/kg2gze6

I think some people go overboard with their EDC and end up carrying something silly like a fanny-pack or a sling bag or a backpack. Seattle is crowded, and I don’t have the spidy sense to keep people from stealing stuff in a shoulder to shoulder crowd situation. Keep it simple, so that you’re not burdened with extra gear, and so that you remain flexible.

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  1. Obbliteration

    Honestly you scare me. Everyone that has guns in his EDC is quite scary and

  2. ramsey2314

    Why do you carry a fire starter with you everyday? Especially in urban edc.
    Just curious. I would think a lighter would do the trick. I cant imagine
    being in a city environment and ever having to pull out the old flint and
    steel to start a fire. 

  3. jeremy miller

    Awesome video. Thanks for posting.

    What do you use the firestarter for in an urban environment?

  4. ramblinman

    Just subscribed after watching your dog video. What pants are you wearing?
    I just purchased two pair from LA Police Gear for $20 apiece and they seem
    to work well with the limited testing I have done so far. Just curious
    about your preference.

  5. aurelioleo123

    What kind of wristwatch would you recommend for your Urban EDC vs. your
    wilderness EDC? What do you wear?

  6. finley charlton

    oh cool you have a helly hanson coat i have one there so nice and warm in
    the winter

  7. doyouremember

    There are a lot of ways to secure backpacks while commuting. You can use
    the zipper loops hook them together lock them then take the compression
    straps and really cinch them down.

  8. cameorn stain

    “I have my wallet, it has my photo ID, my carry permit, it has my credit
    card in it, I have some cash in it, and then I also have pictures of my

    Sooo… it’s just a wallet, like every other bloke on the planet?.. just a

  9. Taylor Wayne

    Awesome video! I like how you actually took time to think about what you
    are carrying.

    Also, what breed is your dog?

  10. Keith Deaner

    This is mt exact concept for EDC.

    He does it according to his taste, but it’s exactly my mindset for EDC.

    Supplemented from the car kit for more equipment.

  11. Nubster12

    Why are you loaded with practice ammo instead of some sort of self defense

  12. Matthew Gilland

    Amazing video! New to your channel but God videos! I am curious as to your
    backpack in this video, I tried searching for a video on your channel for
    it and I have not seen it :/ 

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