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  1. Scott Matthews

    Love this kit! The maxpedition water bottle holder is that the 12×4 or
    12×5?! I wanna buy the toaks 750 pot with bail but not sure if it will fit
    the 12×4. The 12×5 is just to big. The measurement with bail wings is 4 and
    3/4″ so I’m concerned. Thanks!

  2. Living Survival

    +3vil3lvis Thanks for the reply! I am planning on getting the GoalZero
    rechargeable flashlight that will charge with the Nomad7. I do have some of
    those items in my medical kit. I agree on the water filtration and just
    haven’t decided on one yet, i.e. pump, or gravity etc. I do have maps but
    didn’t show them as they weren’t in the bag yet. Hat is a great idea for
    the bug net and will add that by summer. I don’t use my tarp in the winter
    because I use a Snugpak Scorpion tent. Good idea on the chocolate 😉 Thanks
    for watching!

  3. Oscar Gouveia

    Not bad. But for a 72H bag i would add some more rations, like those small
    noddles bags, dried fruits (nuts, almonds, raisins). The model of
    your Suunto compass isnt bad if you are using a map to get around, if not i
    recomend you get one of these models (Suunto MCA-D IN) with the case and

  4. Grzegorz Nonszalancki

    It’s good for you guys, that you can carry guns with you. Here, in Europe,
    we even have problems with having knives
    with us… aahh. You can do more harm with your hands – why not ban them ?
    Anyway – very cool stuff in this vid. Gave me a diffrent point of view than
    other “similiar” videos.

  5. St. Apollonius

    “And here’s some hand warmers” , in England we call them gloves…:)

  6. seriouscatman

    Wow, I have that exact same thermometer/compass gadget. I got it a few
    years ago for Christmas. Overall your set up is really nice, and gave me
    some ideas for my own pack. Thanks for the post.

  7. Геннадий Горелик

    pretty kool.
    i may add a mosquito net to that collection:) could use it also as some
    filtering or catching fish :)

  8. Carter Burwell

    Living Survival I was watching your video. I was wondering what type of bag
    do you have in the video?

  9. Keith Duvall

    Great get home bag. Very well thought out. The one thing I would add to
    would be the med. kit Quick clot. Great stuff and maybe some extra loaded
    clips. maxpedition offers a mag. pouch

  10. MrShaggy1971

    Next time make the video with all the stuff laid out on the table instead
    of us watching you unpack. But I still like pack and the contents over all.
    Good details.

  11. john plewa

    Thanks so much! Each survivalist brings something new to the table, great
    idea with the solar panel, I’m sure you’re not the first, but your the
    first I’ve seen. Do you have any other competitive options you could
    recommend to speed up my purchase decision? All i need is to charge a
    Samsung galaxy s2 smart phone. You got a sub!

  12. MWeb86

    I like your video. I especially like that when you showed your gear you
    gave the brand name and the model of your gear. I had amazon.com opened up
    just to save some of the things i want to pick up. My BOB is almost
    finished but some of those things that you have I’ll definitely have to
    add. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Beginner Prepper

    Hi guys im a new prepper and i would love some suggestions for my bug out
    bag that is on my channel thanks

  14. joshuah moran

    cant go wrong with solar power, or crank power for that matter. I have an
    ETON in my BOB as well.

  15. Cameron Herrin

    It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this vid. Always interesting to
    me. One of the best vids out hands down…

  16. Living Survival

    Hey all, check out my BOB, finally complete enough to make a video. Let me
    know what you think.

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