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Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011
Here is my take on the Midland ER102 Emergency Radio.

Great radio that can be self-powered via a hand crank, AA batteries, or use an AC adapter. Great value at less than $40 with Free Shipping from Amazon.

I am also doing a review on my blog – will post in a few days.

Also visit my blog at http://www.modernsurvivalonline.com for thoughts on survival and the world today.

Take care all – Rourke

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  1. DemonHide

    Looks like a good radio to do the job! Do you plan on doing some videos on
    amateur radio such as HAM?

  2. ModernSurvivalOnline

    @DemonHide HAM is desired – but far down on the list of priorities. I have
    many other things that require attention first. Thanks – Rourke

  3. 360ower1

    @cptman56 do u know where i can find the replacement battery for the radio
    mines over charged

  4. CrestinaAllen

    I like the NOAA weather alerts and the hand crank 🙂 It is smaller than I
    expected…but in a good way! here is the link to it in case anyone is
    interested: amzn.to15oeiuB

  5. 2632jibaro

    Midland Wr100. Sell’s the best desktop weather radio I own one it’s the
    best tells me bad weather. There’s something you need to know about the
    crank radio midland told me when it’s plugged in and the battery pack is
    charging never leave AA battery’s in at the same time they can be be
    charged and it’s safe. Now Eton’s radios know when you charge the battery
    pack and you don’t have to remove the AA Batery’s… Check out Erin I own.
    Fr609 that has shirt wave….

  6. poormanprepper

    the midland basecamp XT511 is all that plus a 2 way GMRS radio to talk with
    your buddies.

  7. Highpoint211

    I just got one of these radios for Christmas . It is sensitive enough to
    receive weather stations as far as 70 miles away over flat ground however
    the AM radio’s tuner has about the worst selectivity I’ve ever came across
    on an AM radio . I don’t know if they used poor quality components in the
    IF section of this radio or if it wasn’t properly aligned at the factory ,
    because it will receive local AM stations several kilohertz below and above
    the frequency they’re supposed to be on .

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