NEW! Best Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Dan’s Depot Adirondack Survival Pack REVIEW – PART 1

Published on Sep 12, 2013
David and Doctor Joe dig into the NEW Dan’s Depot Deluxe Adirondack Bug Out Bag / Survival Pack! Is this Emergency / Survival Kit the BEST Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Let’s find out…

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Here’s a LINK to PART 2…
31 “Extra” Bug Out Bag Items that Could Save Your Butt – Dan’s Depot Emergency Pack – Part 2:

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David’s ROCKin’ Cool Knife Sharpener:…

Dan’s Depot Adirondack Bug Out Bag / Emergency Pack:

Dan’s Depot Appalachian 72 Hour Survival Kit:

Dan’s Depot Ozark EDC Survival Kit:

David’s Bug Out Bag:

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  1. Oscar Sandström

    Rumors say they went fishing, but the price tag was still on on the fishing

  2. Jason Gregg

    I have similar set up’s. the small EDC I keep in my truck. also in my
    truck, i carry a tool and implement bin, and a camping bag with stove, 3
    layer sleeping bag and fishing gear. the small EDC stores 4 days dehydrated
    food, cooking gear and water purification kits. (basically food and water)
    the mid size, i have set up as my bushcraft carry-all. shelter, fire,
    trapping, fishing, cutting, food & water etc. (see bushcraft kit)
    the large bag i keep at home and really i just use it to store all my long
    term survival/camping gear. most times i go out, i just carry the two
    smaller ones.

  3. jusher7281

    I recommend you find a better barber, that is, if you want to be taken

  4. Pavol Andrejco

    Knowledge is the most important thing to bring. If you don’t know how to
    use it, then it does not matter what you bring with you. You can have the
    best bug out back in the world and you will be outlived by somebody who is
    out there with just a knife just because he/she knows how and you don’t.
    Btw first 10 min really gay. 

  5. Kal Kobra

    Wow, this two should get a room, or need to get to the point of the the bug
    out bag video….

  6. ahmudzebra-ray

    Which one do you prefer to die with, a machete cut or a sudden bullet
    pierced into your forehead? :)

  7. Black .Baron

    You can mess with a marine if your part of one of the infantry forces
    superior to the marines.

  8. Southern Mann

    dude didnt know how to strike a ferro rod??? so who the hell is this dude?

  9. Chris Lichowicz

    If you need to buy a pre-made bug out bag, I don’t think you’re going to
    last long anyways.

  10. Igor Gjurovski

    In the first minute people are laughing because they know how absurd shit
    they are recommending… It is amazing how much people can earn with stupid
    shit like that… They are so gay… Survival cards?! WTF!!! 32 minutes of
    stupid talk!!!

  11. Zavier Daza

    i ussually like david video but every time david make a video with this guy
    i kinda u know….Bromance sorry no offence

  12. Natures Edge

    Do you have any videos depicting a rehearsal Bug Out? What about a get back
    home challenge thru Urban conditions? How do you know your gear will
    fulfill the challenge? Or is it just too much gear to haul around?

  13. MrBluefalcon77

    just a couple of knuckleheads trying to make a buck off cheap chinese shit
    they can literally buy for a dollar in china. What a racket, I tell ya… 

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