NEW! Best Tactical / Military Survival Kit? – Escape & Evade Kit from Survival Metrics

Published on Dec 26, 2013
Hang Out with David and Dr. Joe as they Break into the Escape and Evade – Military / Tactical Survival Kit from Survival Metrics… 1 of 6 NEW Survival Kits they checked out in a Recent Survival Kit REVIEW Blitz.

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Evade and Escape – Operator – Military / Tactical Survival Kit (this is the one reviewed in the video):

Survival Metrcs:

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  1. Somewon Yuno

    I make various sized emergency bags for myself & friends, some I give away
    & some I sell.I teach a lot of interested people how to make their own.
    While some of the stuff in these pre-made kits can be useful , when
    reviewing the contents, I find I would actually dump at least 1/2 of the
    stuff & upgrade at least 1/2 of whatever is left.
    A lot of people by these kits & making the potentially fatal mistake of
    relying solely on them. Often they never remove the contents of the kits to
    inspect each item, & it is even more rare that they will practice & become
    proficient with the items BEFORE an actual emergency. They look at a couple
    of videos or read a blog/book about it & just automatically assume they can
    do it & many times it is the simplest things that can kill you.
    When it comes to BOBS/go bags/grab bags, whatever you want to call them,
    certain things should always be considered when possible; 1) what is the
    environment like where I may use this 2) How far may I be from civilization
    in terms of miles & or time, 3) will I be traveling alone or will I have a
    spouse/children 4) what can i expect to be available in regards to food &
    water 5) will I be subject to harsh terrain, weather, injuries,etc, 6) Do I
    plan on using this to run from a major SHTF scenario or will I want to be
    found as soon as possible. 7) what is the single most important piece of
    equipment in this kit & what would I do if it is lost or damaged. These are
    just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before investing in a
    kit whether pre-made or self made.
    While something is always better than nothing, The more you store in YOUR
    own head & the better your skill sets, the less gear you will need to
    depend on.
    Just as no doctor uses only 1 scalpel, & no mechanic uses only 1 wrench, NO
    1 pocket sized kit can do everything .

  2. Claude Rains

    Can I buy some and change the name to navy seal? I bet I could charge
    $200.00 that’s $70.00 profit. ;0

  3. KoolBreeze420

    I think these company’s charge far to much for these kits , I think for
    $250.00 you could put together many of these kits and much better kits.

  4. joel750

    This is to much for a survival kit. In real applications, you’ll lucky to
    carry a survival knife. Growing in South east Asia as a teenager, me and my
    family lived in the boonies where our closest neighbor is 3 miles away and
    all he had a pistols & rifles + ammunition we can salvage along the way (We
    lived in a war zone between CPP Communist Rebels VS. Philippine Government
    Forces) a pot with a pan,a knife for cooking and a basic know-how on where
    to get the food either up in the trees or their on the jungle floor
    slithering/crawling. We lived comfortably because we know were all the
    stuff is including natural medicine and how to get them.You throw a US
    soldier here and I’ll bet you he’s dead within 3 days either of the very
    humid climate or lack of water…

  5. qwertysspam

    love the eye protection solution – but for very cheap u can get a pair of
    tinted swimming goggles + they fold up only slightly bigger than the tube
    the rollup glasses came in + they are more usefull – it surprises me that u
    never see them(swimming goggles) in any1’s BOB…

  6. Some guy on YT

    And as soon as the cameras were off they started to eat each others faces.

  7. Lindsay Ramsay

    Hi there just wondering where can I get one of these from as I live in new
    Zealand and ive tried looking on the auction sites here in nz and can’t
    find any and ive tried amazon but they dont ship to new Zealand

  8. FixedByDoc OffGrid

    awesome kit and the price is what i would expect. i would pay that. would
    love this kit. would add some migraine meds for myself due to my head
    injury. would carry a metal bottle with it to. love the signal flag and
    could really use it on my trips i do regularly. as a wilderness first
    responder and ex army combat medic i love this kit.

  9. Daniel Krishnan

    What cool about this video is there ‘s a lot of bromance going on 😛 love
    the kit btw.

  10. Charles Joseph

    guh being 14 i dont have a lot of funds but when something is 200 bucks for
    a survival kit doesnt really help -_-

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