Nuclear Zombie Defense Weapons.

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2011
What do you use when your ammo runs out?

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  1. Jorge Lopez

    Good weapons I’d rather have lighter tomahawks and a longer spear, machete,
    baseball bat, or katana. Idk which on to pick probly all. For cqb the Kriss
    vector is the best .45 acp & 30 rounds each mag

  2. Lachlan Diver

    and what will cause these “zombies” to “come out” exactly? just raise from
    the dead or?

  3. thevashfan12392

    no i was going off of the comment you replied to about the native
    americans, you meant from india while he though america and the arizona
    region is known for apache

  4. sovietarchangel

    how much do you think all those weapons cost? alot of cash just wasted. and
    he made it worse by painting on them. and to be honest i was just trollin

  5. Doods Dayto

    the best one for me is the spear the the katana. Since “zombieness” can be
    transferred by infected fluids, I guess you need some distance between you
    and a Zombie and that huge spear head looks menacing…

  6. Tardisius

    @troll13246 Both machetes are from BudK. The Bolo is available, the Bowie
    machete is hard to find =)

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