PREP S.O.S 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply Kit Revew

Published on Sep 13, 2013
In this video I go over a 72 food supply kit sold by PREP S.O.S. and in my opinion I think its one of the best kits I have seen on the market for the price and contents. Here is the link to it at PREP S.O.S.­ional-72-hour-food-supply-kit/#utm_sourc­e=yt&utm_medium=72hrfsk&utm_camp­aign=lc

Here is the link to the other 72 hour kit I have reviewed in the past…

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  1. Netoshia Ballard

    Is there enough room for the rocket stove to fit in the bucket with the
    food so you would have the kit in one place to grab and go if needed? Just

  2. PresidentProTempore

    A 72 hr kit won’t get you too far when the apocalypse comes, yeehaw. You
    think too small.


    You do know I go through these before I approve them right? I screen them
    for a reason. I am not going to post something that disrespect the most
    high. If you want to continue in the darkness and not use the holy names
    thats your business but what scripture gets posted on this channel you make
    sure and post it right. I use the KJV for all my video posts and I make
    sure to put back what was edited out. It may be edifying to you to get
    esword and start looking at what the original words are.

  4. Merle Hanna

    I am in total agreement brother. One can’t just leave themselves bare with
    no preps or supplies but if we keep our eyes on the things coming,
    distribution of much of it would be a great way to divide and still
    maintain. I believe making a stand and choosing to fight would be the only
    option given that being left to starve, or take a mark/RFID implant or
    being locked like cattle into a FEMA style “resettlement” camp would be at
    the top of their selections for the masses.


    There is always that thought lingering out there my friend but I am not
    worried about it because should that take affect I will just distribute my
    stashes early to my neighbors,family and friends before the scum of
    government can come and take it from me. I have been thinking about how to
    deal with this situation but I still cannot get rid of everything in that
    scenario and I don’t know whether to fight or let them take it. Im leaning
    toward fight.

  6. Merle Hanna

    Lucas, do you wonder if by sharing your preps , along with other well known
    preppers, that under Executive Order 13603 and when it is activated, the
    agencies given ultimate power by BO’s administration will come after the
    prepared since it gives them the authority to take cars, tractors and all
    food etc if they chose to?


    You got to build on a foundation. I think big and prep as I go. I try to
    show people the same methodology because most people can only do a little

  8. Shaquila Taytay

    Love ur vids man. I like that u like 2 help ur community. Its people like u
    we all need in the world. Still trying to convince my parents to buy these.


    Blessings to you my friend and I will you keep you in my prayer’s and
    remember me in yours. I hope many do wake up before its to late and may the
    master protect you and your family.

  10. Merle Hanna

    I do appreciate all your videos and all of your assistance in learning so
    many things about preparedness and spreading your knowledge to others. Many
    sheeple are still blinded and refuse to see any signs of what’s around them
    much less what’s to come. My hopes and prayers is that more and more will
    take off their blinders before they walk right into it… Hope the family is
    doing wonderfully and keep on keeping on big guy!!

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