Publix Purse Snatching

Published on Aug 18, 2014
74-year-old Charlotte Dunaway was released from Orlando Regional Medical Center, but is still recovering from Friday’s attack at an Ocoee Publix. Police released surveillance video on Saturday showing man knocking Dunaway to the ground while stealing her purse. Police are now looking for the man in the surveillance video and two others.

This attack and others like them around the country have made the news lately. These cowards are targeting people that have let their guard down and are not paying attention to their surroundings. We are not saying that you need to be constantly on guard for every potential danger that may come across your path. Just develop some situational awareness skills that will protect you in the future.

This attack happened to an elderly woman in a public place and this is unacceptable. These kids targeted her in the store and waited for their moment to attack.

Here are few tips that can help:

    A small clip or a carabiner that attaches to the cart while you are shopping.

    Fasten all enclosures, zips and snaps.

    Be vigilant when paying with cash.

    Be extra aware if someone is paying attention to you while you are shopping.

    If attacked don’t panic, scream loudly, call out descriptions, tattoos, scars height and weight. Helps for recollection.

    Don’t fight back, your valuables or your life. Your life is more important!

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