Simple Solar Installation Part 1

Published on Jul 16, 2014
Part one of a simple solar installation from scratch. My intent is to install sufficient 12 volt power to light the workshop that Planer Boy & I built a few years ago. It’s dark out in the woods and I need a little extra light, despite lots of windows. Especially in winter.

In this video I install three 85 watt panels on the south roof of the shop. My aim, as always, is to keep things as simple and reasonably priced as possible. Some solar systems are needlessly complex and expensive…if you intend to run washing machines, freezers and vacuum cleaners, etc., start the generator, which is always at the heart of any solar set up. If I need to add more panels and /or batteries, I will make sure there is lots of room for expansion.

In part two I will install the 40 AMP charge controller and at least a couple of 12 volt batteries.

Part three will deal with installing the workshop lighting and possibly an inverter.

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