Simple Solar Installation Part 2

Published on Aug 20, 2014
Part Two of a simple solar installation from scratch. My intent is to install sufficient 12 volt power to light the workshop that Planer Boy & I built a few years ago. It’s dark out in the woods and I need a little extra light, despite lots of windows. Especially in winter.

In Part One I installed the solar panels on the workshop roof and ran the wiring inside. In this video I fabricate a simple, sturdy bus bar, install the charge controller and place the new batteries on charge.

Part three will show me installing workshop lighting and perhaps a small inverter to charge tool batteries. Large power tools will continue to run off the Honda 3000 watt generator – the heart of any solar electrical system.

I bought the charge controller on Ebay from Yves Julien…
Link is current as of Aug 20th 2014
Product seems to be excellent value and was delivered promptly. Yves is very helpful, should you have a question. First class vendor!

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