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  1. Mark Lester Andoyo

    Thank you for the information that you’ve given! I need to learn more from

  2. TangoTexan

    The Scanner Radio app is nice IF someone has a scanning receiver set up for
    the area you want to listen to. In the larger cities and municipalities
    such as Los Angeles, Houston, or New York it will most likely work. In a
    small rural area it may not. In my area it doesn’t. At one time someone
    initiated it for my area then they couldn’t afford the internet bill and so
    it stopped. Its probably for the best because they only monitored one
    frequency and that was a seldom used secondary channel for the sheriff’s

    Also, on the Baofeng (or Pofung or whatever they are called now) take your
    time with the programming. Don’t rush it and you’ll be pleased. Rushing it
    can cause you to leave out a CTCSS tone or have the frequency put in
    backwards etc. I use CHIRP to program mine. It is so easy. There is a guy
    in my area that seems to think he KNOWS what he’s doing and several people
    he’s programmed radios for have come to me to correct his mistakes. If
    you’re not sure what you’re doing, seek out someone who can assist you.
    Because if you put in a transmit frequency where there should be a receive
    frequency in the programming, you probably won’t be hearing much of

    Keep up the good work. Good video. 

  3. acet7

    I need to put in some sort of communications in my get home bags. Thanks
    for the video.

  4. Haarccs N.C.

    A couple of ?s Does it cost anything to get a license? Also if SHTF and
    RWOL is taking effect, can you be shutdown remotely from transmitting if
    you don’t have a license? Excellent Video! You and Yours Take Care, Watch
    Your 6s and God Bless!

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