Survival Shelter-Thatched Hut Basics

Uploaded on Oct 20, 2010
Survival Shelter students at the Maine Primitive Skills School build a thatched hut for summer wilderness survial long term conditions.

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    It looks like a gillie suit on a tent and if that is dry grass wouldint it
    cach fire easy

  2. Nato Able

    Instead of yapping and pretending to tie things JUST DO IT ! It’s a video
    not a story book !

  3. Disabler

    that guy is just making this stuff up. or maybe he is just guessing.
    anyway; the blade doesnt get dull when cutting grass. not more than carving

  4. Bush Channel

    You guys have some cool vids!!! Amazing that you can walk on that hut, must
    be strong wood.

  5. MJ Harris

    Cool Video. Odd to see you doing all of this, and at same time hearing cars
    and trucks driving by. LoL

  6. obpkplayer1

    in my 20 i was homeless in fl i had one like that for 3 year dont hahahah i
    was a carpenter down on my luck life kick you around so time nice video

  7. bushcraft quebec alex

    for a exception try putting a woodstove inside for the winter and rainny

  8. KonstantinKuehn

    wow very cool! looks cozy! how long did it take? and how many ppl helped?
    how long would it take to finish something like this as a single person?
    maybe 3-4 days??

  9. Primitive Skills

    The videos, no matter how much info they contain, will always be a poor
    substitute for actual dirt time. I’m not trying to talk you in to going to
    this or any other school, but to encourage you to interact with each skill
    using as much of your being as you can plug in to the experience. This
    includes emotional investment as well as the senses. Each of the skill sets
    connects us to the landscape as well as the wisdom of our collective
    ancestry; thus increasing our operational intelligence.

  10. Primitive Skills

    @huntingsurvival Thanks! We smudge as well using a flat piece of barks and
    an ember on wet leaves to generat the smoke. It’s pretty cool watching the
    spiders rappelling to safety!

  11. Michael Parker

    that seems like a lot of time and energy burnt that could be used trying to
    fix help

  12. JRNY1605

    Awesome video, I was curious as to how much insulation the thatched hut
    provides. In terms of variance from the outside temp how many degrees would
    you say it is? Thanks

  13. wheelori814

    that was fantastic!!! now is that for like 3 seasons? or would it work for
    winter also? I think adding pine branches to the outside may help for the

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