Can’t Wait for the Zombie Apocalypse

Not actually being in a Zombie Apocalypse can really suck sometimes. There are so many missed opportunities with real life training, physical training based on need not looks.

The local populace would frown if you rolled up in your camouflaged Excursion and out popped a 5 man heavily armed squad to go shop at Kroger’s.

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  1. sebubabu

    First, nothing against this video, I am rally curious about the guns meaty
    owns… HOWEVER, as a 26 old guy that lives in Finland (scandinavia) i am
    really thankful that we are not allowed to own guns like that. Before
    anyone starts a shitstorm, i have to say that i am used to guns since I
    have gone to the army, shooting a variety of guns so i know what i am
    talking about. I think it is ok to shoot guns at the range and that they
    are stored there but owning them at your own home, is a bit strange. This
    thing i dont get it the USA. ALL OF THE STUFF I WROTE IS BEEN WRITTEN IN
    GOOD SPIRIT! Anyone with reasonable opinions and hose that can write in a
    polite/good manner please comment… For those idiots that are here to
    shout out that i dont know what i am talking about, fag etc dont bother…

  2. jordan unruh

    um I kinda think this souldnt be put up on your channel atleast meaty cus
    of all the younger people im young my self 12 but this is kinda showing
    kids how to use guns and if someone dies and says like [I watched it on
    meatys channel he showed me] umm you could get sued or how ever you spell
    it and yeah im not saying I don’t want to watch this its just yeah and my
    dads got a mosin in his closet and his and my moms family of 7 dosnt play
    with it and my mom has 2 pistols we don’t play with it so I guess if you
    have good enough parent to know where the gun is this is probably ok

  3. Deniz Popov

    I love high fire power so my favorites are definitely AA12 and of course
    the all known Desert Eagle

  4. just STORMripper KRAZE

    Meat can u set up zombie swords for us to buy and all these guns we need em
    ebola is real and im ok at shooting not a pro but i can take a bar to a
    close ranger.. scar in the back was the best to me silenced with a laser

  5. lilgaything

    Ha, it’s funny you are talking about taking out zombies 1000 meters out.
    It’s even hard to see targets 500+ meters away. Not to mention, those
    larger rounds are sub-sonic rounds, and you are going to have to place a
    shot at least 3 seconds out. No average joe who’s been shooting 100 meter
    ranges is going to hit even a still target that far away.

  6. TheMrjesaistout

    I live in france ,that easy to survive , i go to Fort Boyard ( Search on
    google picture ) ;)

  7. justin slater

    If you were on foot what all guns would you carry? because i know you can’t
    carry all of them haha

  8. MageBeLike

    Meaty when the zombie apocalypse happens I’m flying to America and living
    with you

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