Tac TV S1, E9: Personal Defense Weapons Including the MP7

Published on Mar 12, 2014 by Vickers Tactical
The official YouTube Channel of Larry Vickers and Vickers Tactical, Inc. Larry is a retired veteran of Special Operations, a firearms consultant, instructor, and the host of TAC-TV which airs on the Sportsman Channel, and TAC-TV.com
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  1. david fong

    Just ” a trained firearm professional” . For a Delta Force guy, way too

  2. Douilleur Lamagouille

    People said the same thing in 1960 about the 5.56 : This tiny .22 cartidge
    ? Its a joke right ? The result was that the M16 dropped people like bags
    of potatoes, more lethal that any .30 cal availiable. Now the MP7 comes out
    and people say the same thing about this ammo…

  3. Davito2000

    For those thinking about a M1 Carbine, the “commercial” models like
    Plainfield, (with GI stock config; not their fancy crap), can be had for a
    few hundred dollars, (I paid $350 for mine in like-new condition). She
    feeds Tula .30 Carbine with no effort and a box of that is ~$12 for 50 in
    local stores, which is a LOT less than the brass stuff. As for mags, I use
    the Korean mil-spec magazines that can be had on surplus sites and the
    like. So far they’ve been A LOT tougher than the original GI mags.

  4. Davito2000

    My Plainfield M1 Carbine is a real sweetheart. My friends, with their fancy
    M&P15s and REC7s even were impressed. So these honeys still have their
    charm after all these years.

  5. Mart Pulverman

    I would love to have a semi-auto MP7. If only H&K or somebody else stepped
    up and made one in the USA.

  6. Mart Pulverman

    Vickers gets to be fat since he’s seen everything you’ll ever see… twice.

  7. Mart Pulverman

    Vickers is known to be H&K’s preferred spokesperson, so obviously them
    skipping Israel and FNH’s guns isn’t a problem for them.

  8. dobiem1

    It’s funny listening to this old guy raving on about the M1 carbine being
    so good. I read a few accounts about Marines in the Pacific theatre who
    swapped their carbines for something with a bit more stopping power.
    Something about facing human waves and having little to no effect with
    hurried shots to the target torsos?

  9. VxNemesis

    They are too big and too heavy, for the same size and less weight you have
    a modern carbine. For the record, PPSH41 is 8 lbs, 33 inches long, let’s
    compare to some other options: MP7: 4.2 lbs, 25″ P90: 5.7 lbs, 20″ Standard
    issue M4: 6.4 lbs, 33″ SIG 553 SB: 7 lbs, 28″ SIG 553 LB: 7.5 lbs, 32″ You
    can see that all the modern PDW’s are much lighter and shorter than a PPSH
    wich is in the same category as .223 assault rifles/carbines. AKS-74U: 6
    lbs, 29 inches I’d pick that one or the 553

  10. SunIRIise

    disclaimer, so that he doesn’t get into legal trouble when an idiot blows
    his head off and the parents seek compensation.

  11. YellowF3V3R

    all you are doing is shooting at targets, practicing. why do you say not to
    do this at home? as if we are not capable of practicing our shooting at
    stee/paper targets

  12. TripodJonas

    Very insight video, I love it, GJ! BTW, I really like the ammo of P90’s but
    that gun is a real bit*h when comes to cleaning.

  13. Mortablunt

    The PPS-43 is only about a pound heavier than the P90 and pretty much the
    same weight and length as all the non-subcompact MP5 variants. In fact,
    it’s roughly the same length as the M4’s favored by western CQB teams. I
    think it fits the bill. I included the PPSh, because the M1`Carbine was not
    a small weapon, nor was it that much lighter than the MP5 or PPS-43. End
    users complain about the power and effectiveness of MP7’s and P90’s; they

  14. Dan Gallagher

    I would think the Uzi was more important as far as steps in pdw development
    than the MP5. Furthermore, the P90 was skipped over. Granted I understand
    that one cannot cover everything, these two seem like firearms that should
    have taken the place of those chosen

  15. Dan Gallagher

    The PPsh & PPS are rather large guns, and quite heavy if you have ever
    handled them. I would think the MP5 as well as MP7 are more serviceable in
    a PDW role due to their size and weight, though there cartridge is lack
    when compared to the 7.62×25, the idea of a PDW is lightweight, powerful
    and effective. The PP’s dont have the lightweight characteristic

  16. Boss Guido

    Oh and a .40 cal and .357 Sig round can pierce soft armor. My issue weapon
    is a Sig P226 in .40 even tho if we don’t get thru the armor the energy
    from the round would cause major injuries. Again people don’t just get up
    like the do in the movies. In the North Hollywood shootout the bad guys had
    multiple layers and the cops were too far away. A 9mm round its only good
    at maybe 30ft max after that the energy goes way down. At range the 4.6 is
    useless. .223 is still the best round imo.

  17. Boss Guido

    Dude don’t you get it a PDW is a weapon that was meant to replace the
    pistol and or the pistol cartridge or be a medium between a rifle and
    pistol. PPsh’s used a pistol round. Hence why the Thompson, Grease gun,
    MP38/40 etc etc were also NOT used as they are SMG’s totally different
    class of guns. Know you’re guns dude. Imo the Mp5 should not have even been
    used in this test as its a SMG. A PDW are guns like the P90, MP7 or any
    small gun that uses a intermediate round.

  18. Boss Guido

    It because it uses proprietary ammo. Armor piercing at that and. But being
    proprietary is its downfall. I work in LE and was active military now
    reserves and I take a SBR’ed AR over any of these PDW’s. Its why almost no
    one has adopted the MP7 or P90. The military is probably going with cut
    down AR’s as ammo is the same as is training IE: NO Transitioning to the
    soldier and the .223 AP round would pierce hard armor not mainly soft armor
    as these do. Sig’s Mpx makes more sense.

  19. Boss Guido

    It can only penetrate at pistol ranges or 50ft max I’d only say 25ft safely
    and only works on soft armor. The one reason my agency (I work as a fed
    leo) and many others did not adopt the Mp7 is no one likes propitiatory
    ammo even the military which I work as part time as instructor and Im still
    in the reserves and we tested the MP7 but the round is problem only Hk
    makes em. So my agency went with LWRC’s IC PDW and what most others adopted
    as it uses the .223 round and blows the MP7 big time.

  20. Boss Guido

    And guy you don’t even need penetration of soft armor to put the bad guy
    down. Its not like the movies dude. The impact of a 9mm etc cause internal
    damage due to the shock of the hit. Ive seen guys with broken ribs during
    my active days when I was on deployment in the sandbox and we were wearing
    hard armor. Penetration is NOT the only deal.

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