Top 10 SHTF Communications

Published on May 1, 2012
Sensible Prepper Presents: Top 10 SHTF Communications. Comms are vital in an emergency situation and Cell phones could be shut down in certain situations.

1. Cell Phone
2. Multi-Band Scanner
3. AM/FM Radio
4. Weather Radio
5. Shortwave Radio
6. FRS Radios
7. GMRS Radios
8. CB Radios
9. Marine
10. Ham / Amateur Radio

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  1. Kristyanna Virgona

    Tech has 10 meters voice and up (6meters, 2 meters, 1.25 m, 70 cm …..)

  2. Kristyanna Virgona

    GRMS license is $80-90 BUCKS for 10 years Ham Radio is $15 to the take the
    test by a volunteer examiner and it is good for 10 years. 

  3. ubermench1000

    thanks ,very hard is the test/how much studying to pass is
    the license?

  4. bayouratt283

    I just bought a Yaesu VX6R that transmits on 3 ham bands(2m, 1.25m, 70cm)
    and has a general coverage receiver from 504kHz to 999MHz AM AND FM. If
    modded it might even transmit on FRS and GMRS though I’m not sure nor do I
    plan on finding out. So one handheld radio that covers almost everything on
    this list. Oh yeah, and to make it even more prepper ready, it’s
    submersible up to three feet of water for 30 minutes so it laughs at rain.

  5. chad sorge

    “respect the LAW” hahahahah take that law and shove it up your ass. the FCC
    is a violation of my fist amendment!!!

  6. Adrian ADOR

    hi i need help i need radio wit im able to carry with my and to contact 2
    person in moutains forest ect with well have 10-15 mile range with out
    problems can som one help ?? … sorry for my inglish… 

  7. alan spurlock

    i have obviously battery operated radio. i have a uniden bearcat scanner
    from when i used to go to nascar races, it is a great little scanner. i am
    considering and shopping for a cb radio. imho, cb seems to be the ultimate
    shtf communication device for various reasons. it would b neat to b a ham
    operator. i have always wanted to be a ham radio user, however i probably
    never will dedicate myself do it, maybe someday. but, i need to buy a cb
    radio this summer.

  8. 75Prelives

    Great educational video that explains the variety, function and necessity
    of radio receivers, trans-ceivers and two-way communication.

  9. Kristyanna Virgona

    plus the Tech and older Novices has CW (morse code) privileges on HF (160
    M, 80 m 40 m, 15 m & 10 m) limited to 200 watts. Techs can go up to 2.3 Ghz
    – 231-250Ghz

  10. Scampergirl

    My father was a Communication Officer in the Navy and I have fond memories
    of sitting on his lap at our home while he spoke with people all across the
    world on his Ham radio..I’ll always remember his voice as he spoke his
    handle “Zulu..Papa..Germany….

  11. Michael M

    I believe some of your information is outdated. I don’t believe the FCC
    actually monitors the frequencies on HAM. As I know it, they “spot check”,
    I am not personally worried about any FCC fines. You all should me more
    worried about NSA monitoring…

  12. John Bentley

    I would ditch the cell as it makes it too easy for agencies to track your

  13. castirondude

    No satellite phones on the list? I like Iridium because they can operate
    without any ground control. Of course this comes lower on the list

  14. Peter Griffin

    Those analog scanners are a waste of money. I’m a police officer in south
    Dakota and with law enforcement and two way radio communications we are on
    a encrypted frequency with digital trunking meaning our system relays
    itself simultaneously between multiple channels. Otherwise you’re looking
    to spend about $800 to $1,000 for a digital radio and they don’t come

  15. John Bentley

    It is not very expensive to get your amateur radio technician license so
    you can legally operate VHF/UHF bands for repeater access. A good dual band
    handheld cost less than $200. Most of them will receive on the same
    frequencies as a handheld scanner which gives you three radios in one

  16. socalprepper21

    We got a couple Motorola two way radios, we have read the instructions over
    and over. And we can not get it? We do not understand how it really works,
    Yes we have common sense, Their are some things that just do not make since
    at all. No matter how smart or how much common sense you have. It says it
    has a range of 20 miles? We tried using these two after setting both radios
    up. They still do nothing but have a lot of static. We have tried to scan
    to see if their are any other radios on and with the range we should reach.
    So if you can, please PM us, so you or we do not have to have rude comments
    that I know will be posted. We are smart people but their are many that are
    not as good with electronics as others. Thanks for the video, Lot’s of
    information in it.

  17. Kyle turner

    scanner there good to have, but since all fire police and ems radio has
    gone narrow banded. There pretty useless

  18. Daniel Gontar

    All communications not approved or authorized may be blocked out by the
    world government once it is set in motion after the collapse. Something to
    keep in mind.

  19. Jason Adams

    The downfall of using radios is that anyone can listen and follow you
    without you ever knowing, using a simple signal strength gauge, well no
    matter how much you encode your conversation they can still follow you and
    than take what you built so hard to protect. Just some food for thought.
    Remember someone is always listening.

  20. Dennis Mathias

    I don’t know how these would work out after EMP. Many law enforcement
    frequencies are scrambled..or soon would be in case of an event. BTW,
    there is a company that makes inexpensive encrypted two-way handheld
    radios..very reasonably priced. Thousands of channels..very cool.
    Keep that cell phone for maps and other pertinent information that doesn’t
    need an internet connection. Again EMP may cook it.
    And to keep it all going consider solar cells. Anker 13watts for about $50.
    If anything happens..I’m grabbing my KX3 and heading out. Good report! de

  21. Radioman909

    Also the cost of the radio’s for HAM radio is much more than the other
    scanner’s or Radio’s

  22. travis miller

    um yeah what if the power grid goes down, you don’t have a generator (or
    any way to get energy), and you don’t have any usable batteries whatsoever?

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