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  1. Yanis Andreux

    Vous aimez les flingues ? Vous allez être servis ! Abonnez-vous, il fait du
    bon travail !

  2. Ronnie Purtle

    His choices for the Zombie Apocalypse, Alien invasion, or Just in case.
    Curiously, he recommends no sidearms.

  3. Thomas Schlieter

    *Prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse!*

    Which weapon do you prefere for killing zombies?

  4. Chasity Bowyer

    *Wanna know what you should be sure to have on hand in the event of
    the apocalypse?* *Well, this guy will tell you.*

  5. Doug Jacobs II

    I would choose the AR-15 over the AK, but that’s just me. I’ve owned both.

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