Western Emergency Preparedness Video

Published on May 7, 2012
Western Washington University’s “Western Emergency Preparedness Video” presented by the WWU Environmental Health & Safety Department.

The EHS mission is to advance responsible stewardship of university resources through service to the campus community. We focus on the needs of our students and their learning environment. We encourage innovative risk mitigation and safety solutions, promote the health and safety of our people and foster sustainability. We strive for professionalism, efficiency, and accountability for university resources. We work transparently, take planned risks and embrace the best new ideas.


There have been attacks at military bases and Universities and Colleges all over the United States. Many lives have been lost during these attacks. Emergency plans like those discussed in this video are now important parts of student’s life. Please do not disregard any alarms and pay attention to Emergency Response personnel that may arrive. Being aware of potential threats is also the responsibility of everyone who attend schools and works in large facilities.

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