Wow! Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack – REVIEW – Commando 60 Backpack – A Bear Grylls Fan’s Dream?

Published on Dec 11, 2013
“Crazy” “Outrageous” “Ridiculous” “Over Kill” and “Awesome” are Just a Few of the Reactions Folks have to the NEW $950 Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack. So is it Garbage or a Bear Grylls Fan’s Dream come True? Let’s find out…

David takes a look at the NEW Bear Grylls Commando 60 Pack / Rucksack and what comprises the rest of the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack.

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As Promised…

Here are Links to All the Individual Items in the BG Ultimate Pack:

Bear Grylls Commando 60 Pack:

Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet:
David’s Review:

BG Survival Belt:

BG Survival Blanket:

BG Lanyard:

BG Poncho:

BG Survival Bracelet:

BG Compact Parang:

BG Paracord Fixed Blade:…
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade:…
David’s Review:

BG Ultra Compact Fixed Blade:…

BG Grandfather Knife:…

BG Compact Compass:…

BG Intense Torch:

BG Parang:

BG Canteen:
David’s Review:

BG Fire Starter:
David’s Review:

BG Sliding Saw:
David’s Review:

BG Sharpener:

BG Scout Essentials Kit:…
David’s Review:

BG Basic Kit:
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Survival Kit:
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Fine Edge Knife:…

BG Compact Fixed Blade:…
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife Serrated:…
David’s Review:

BG Scout Knife:

BG Folding Sheath Knife:…
David’s Review:

BG Survival Torch:
David’s Review:

BG Micro Torch:
David’s Review:

BG Compact Scout Knife:…
David’s Review:

BG Hands Free Torch:…
David’s Review:

BG Compact Multi-Tool:…

BG Ultimate Multi-Tool:…

BG Survival Tool Pack:…
David’s Review:

BG Pocket Tool:
David’s Review:


Here’s the Amazon “Wish List” – All the Bear Grylls Gear in this Pack:

Here’s the Link to the BG Ultimate Pack…

Other STUFF David Mentioned or is Wearing:

David’s Bug Out Bag / Rucksack / Backpack:

Rattler Strap Paracord Belt:…

Black Hawk Belt:

Wazoo Wearable Survival Kit / 16 Tool – Paracord Bracelet:…


Our FTC Disclosure:…


Thanks for hangin’ out!

~ David

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  1. MagicMark Gaming

    Can someone direct me to a place where I can get something like this? Not
    Bear grylls and no were near the price? And a lot better? I want to start
    going camping and Im turning 16 soon..

  2. Maverik Bursch

    You’re paying for his name, and I wouldn’t pay a dime for the Bear Grylls
    name. Dude is a joke to the survival community. Do yourself a favor and buy
    a Kelty or similar pack for a quarter of the cost. 

  3. Lindsay Ramsay

    Hay David how can I get these item as I have not seen any of these here in
    new Zealand and the only thing I have seen is the survival bracelet but
    nothing else

  4. yfelwulf

    One thing that is often pointed out by the serious bug out survivalist
    types is to pick equipment that does not scream paramilitary gun nut. They
    prefer to use subdued civilian gear that does not say look in my bag I’ve
    got guns or I could cause you trouble a philosophy I agree with.

  5. Michael Stockwell

    This pack is kind of similar in design to the marine corps ILBE pack. 

  6. Englebert Humperdink

    David: You have mentioned on several reviews on knife’s that you would
    “Take it into combat” My question is, where exactly have you seen combat in
    the world and how much time did you spend in the Marines ? People keep
    asking me about you and I can’t find any information on you anywhere within
    the military database. None of my mates in the U.S. Marines have been able
    to help find you either. Help us out!

  7. michael sansevero

    oh one more thing i have a gerigerrig water pack do you think that would go
    in there it has a pump wich you pump to get the water out

  8. MontyTexanAggie

    Wow, a pack full of every item he sells. Most of it is redundant, 9 blades,
    and a dozen or so multitools and torches. This doesn’t seem like a very
    effective pack. You would only take a fraction of that stuff with you in
    that pack, so why include it? Seems like a waste of $900 to me.

  9. Mason Rogers

    Nice pack but missing MANY things like TINDERS, ENERGY BARS, FIRST AID KIT,
    TARP, NICE COMPASS, TROWEL, + MORE…. Do you think this pack can hold all
    that? I like the size.

  10. Derek Hendrix

    ;Really, what the heck are you going to do with that many knives pliers get
    a life

  11. sanji123ROCKS

    Why would you want so many multi-tools and similar size knifes ? If there
    good you shouldn’t need spares right ?

  12. clemZboubtoila

    14 minutes of blabla about compression straps ext that is boring and
    obviously this guy dont really know what he is talking about anyway , what
    you have to see is not the color or the straps but pull on it everywhere to
    see if it crack or tear .

    i have been doing backpacking for the last two years and i have to live
    like that every days and the most important is to check if the plastic
    rings ext for the straps are solid.

  13. bonnie macLeod

    Does he have to go over every thing outside of the bag?!?!?!UUUUGGGGGHHHHH

  14. Frans van den Berg

    please tell me where can i buy that????? i would love to have that bag with
    all that gear in..

  15. Logan Hedstrom

    The kit is cheep comparied to others out the. Used lots and if it breaks
    get another.

  16. Ahad Imran

    Don’t you feel that they should have included more supplies than knifes,
    knifes are important but I feel that a couple coukd have been replaced with
    other items

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