Zombie Survival Fortress Open to the Public

I mean I’m sure they shut the doors if the actual, UZA happens to occure in the near future. The ZASTIA is in negotiation with small towns that are looking to drive traffic and rebuild communities that want to grow.

The plan is loose very loose at the moment with a lot of different commitees working in different direction but actually in the same direction.  Community donates a good hunk of land, 1500 acres sounds nice but we would make do with 500 acres.  Very flexible in the type of land, cuz were gonna build us an amazing structure.

Plans have been floating around for a long time with containers but I wondered how we were gonna get 500 40 footer 250 20 footer 100 53 footer, and we’ll just have to commandeer them after they deliver a shit ton of supplies. Trucks will have a loaded self unloading feature, and …

The timeline for development with be amazing because we truly wil be doing thing on massive scale so when it’s time for the trucks to roll it gonna be assholes and elbow around the site.

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